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5 Most Expensive Cities in Europe

With the Pound and Euro strengthening over the time, the most popular european cities become a little more expensive. Checkout the 5 Most Expensive Cities in Europe.

Average hotel room rent is over $200 for a night. You can balance the expenditure by availing the tube rail instead of taxis, by eating at pubs at the local Swan and Titmouse, or buying discount tickets of theater from Leicester Square. Average hotel rate is: $209 (up 11 %) Price of beer (pint): $4.69-$7.03 Two-mile taxi ride costs: $11.29

Oslo 4.5 ★
The capital of Norway is also pretty expensive. Most people exclude the city from their euro tour. Average 2010 hotel rate is: $ 204 (fixed) Price of beer (pint)is : $ 5.85-$11.71 Two-mile taxi ride cost: $ 17.12
After coming to Stockholm everybody looks for Vasa Museum, which could be $ 17 throughout the city. A 3- courses meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will run you around $70. A boat ride for 50-minute can cost you $ 26 per head. Average hotel rate is: $ 196 (up 1 %) Price of beer (pint) is: $ 5.81-$ 9.45 Two-mile taxi ride costs : $ 12.05

Geneva is a financial, diplomatic and major operations center for the United Nations. Thus all US travelers are traveling on a state expense account. Thus hotels and restaurants can keep their prices high. Geneva is the only European city where unleaded petrol costs less than $2 per liter. Average Hotel rate is: $ 248 Price of beer (half-liter): $4.40-$ 8.07 Two-mile taxi ride: $ 16.54

Venice is really sinking into the sea to get you a little. But you won't mind to spend a little higher for lodging for your special experience. 2011 rate chart tells -
Average hotel rate is: $ 211 (up 5 %)
Price of beer (12 oz.)is: $ 3.90-$ 6.49
Two-mile water-taxi ride costs: $ 8.44

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