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Goa Carnival

Event Name : Goa Carnival
Start Date : Saturday, 14 February 2015
End Date : Tuesday, 17 February 2015
Venue : Goa
Country : India
Category : Feast & Carnival

The Goa Carnival that is celebrated every year in the month of February is definitely one of the most popular and much awaited festival for the fun loving Goans. This three day event is the place where all the colors of Goa come out in a glorious swagger and sweeps away the local as well foreign folks with its charm and charisma.

Goa is almost synonymous with fun, music, food, entertainment and merry making and without any real doubt the only place in India that breaks away from the general image of the country as a conservative nation. It can be attributed to the historical fact that Goa was under Portuguese rule in the past and is still in its hang over.

Whatever it is, the Goa Carnival was started by the Portuguese rulers and since then it it has become an integral part of Goa. During the Carnival days Goa enters into a different zone of its own. There is celebrations everywhere. Food and drinks are in plenty in accordance with live performances and multi-colored processions.

The scene of Goa Carnival resembles some fairy tale descriptions where people hop around in jovial mood with masks on, fireworks, fortune tellers, group of dancers and and above all happy people all around.

Music swings into Goa Carnival quite naturally. The myriad facets of the Goan music compels any onlooker to jig with it. The stylish Spanish guitar, the casual drum beats and the soulful voice are enough to make you move your feet.

It is a perfect gateway for everyone who is on the verge of a virtual breakdown in today's dull, dreary and mundane world.

Goa along with the entire western coast of India is full of tour options.

The image of Goa as a fun filled place with jovial folks is aptly reflected in the Goa Carnival. Music, joy, dance and colorful parades mark this annual event that lasts for three days. Started by the Portuguese rulers, Goa Carnival has carved a niche for itself with characteristic charm. The whole of Goa assumes an altogether different look during this gala.