World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day

On every 28th July, it is the time to enjoy the world nature conservation day. This day is a great source of raising awareness among people about the natural environment and resources. With such awareness, people get to be aware of preserving the natural environment. Present and future time should not be depleted of natural resources.    This is only possible when people are aware of the beneficial aspects of the natural environment. Enjoying a healthy life is not only possible with a nutrient-rich diet and exercise. In order to avoid any bad health, it is good to breathe healthy air.   Nature always gives us several resources to human beings. It is the duty of every human to protect it in every possible way. A well-managed wetland will avoid nature to suffer badly. How are you celebrating the upcoming World Nature Conservation Day ? Have you planned a proper tour to explore some natural wildlife places or sites? In such a case, you can take services from for enjoying a trip or tour without any problem with the transportation facility. provides rental cars, hotels booking, and other options. It is largely seen in reports that people are killing animals just to enjoy a royal life. Killing is never a solution and one has the right to live. On this nature’s day, explore some of the eye-catching sites for living peacefully in nature.

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Here is a list for you - World Nature Conservation Day

1. Gir Forest National Park

Are you all set to explore the parks and wildlife sanctuary? In such a case, don’t miss to book your trip to the Gir Forest National Park. It is situated in the beautiful city of Gujarat with natural habitat. You can easily spot an Asian Lion in the park. 


In the early times, it was a famous place where Junagadh Nawabs used to enjoy hunting. During the time period of 1990, the place was regarded as a wildlife sanctuary. In the beginning, there were only 12 lions. Later on, the number kept on increasing and reached around 600 lions presently. Apart from the lion, you can also enjoy looking at other animals, including wild boar, chital, sambar, and so on.


2. Sundarban National Park

Sundarban National Park is also a famous natural habitat to visit. It is situated in the most welcoming West Bengal city. It is placed on the land on Ganges Delta and regarded as a popular “Tiger and Biosphere Reserve.” On this world nature conservation day, enrich your knowledge about the biosphere. Several animals which can be spotted at the park include wild boars, leopard cats, dolphins Ganges River, Bengal tiger, and so on. Enjoy the journey in the park with a boat trip.



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3. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

All over the globe, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve has remained a splendid attraction site for wildlife lovers. The reserve protects with a giant green forest. It is situated in the city of Madhya Pradesh. This nature’s day spend some time with natural habitats. In India, it is regarded as the “best national park” with animals such as wild boars, chinkara, deer, leopards, and so on.

4. Ranthambore National Park

In the regions of North India, Ranthambore National Park is the largest one covering an approximate area extended up to 392 sq km. From 1974, the place remains a famous part of the “Project Tiger.” It is a refuge place for the Royal giant Bengal tigers. You can click pictures of other animals also and that includes bison, jackals, hyena, leopards, bears, and so on.  

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5. Kaziranga national park

Are you a keen wildlife photographer? Then, you should visit Kaziranga National Park on this world nature conservation day. The peaceful park is surrounded by wild animals such as elephant, swamp deer, tiger, wild buffalo, and rhinoceros. It is a place which commonly houses some species of birds and animals who live on the hills. Apart from it, other animals which you can find in the park include leopards, bears, and so on. It is also regarded as a “UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

6. Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is located just near Nainital. Many tourists come to the place to explore tigers, red foxes, black bear, deer, jackals, and so on. It is an eye-catching location which is filled with soothing air and greenery all over the place. You can hire a guide to travel along with the park areas and explore the green environment.

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7. Pench National Park

It is extremely worth to visit Pench National Park, which is situated in Madhya Pradesh. For the Royal Bengal Tigers, it is like a place of heaven. Apart from the animals sight-seeing, you can also enjoy a great rafting experience in the park.

8. Sariska National Park

Have you planned a tour to Rajasthan? In such a case, don’t miss to explore Sariska National Park on the world nature conservation day. It is an outstanding location with natural atmosphere and habitat.


No doubt, you might need some guidance for enjoying your trip or tour on the world nature conservation day. What about enjoying a thrilling experience with Well, it would give you great feel and joy.

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