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Most Haunted Places in Rajasthan

The deserts can appear spooky coupled with the crying of the wind. In any case, that is not all that can send shudders down your spine in Rajasthan. Here are five places in Rajasthan from where the token you take back may be restless evenings and sleepless nights.

Kuldhara has every one of the makings of an exemplary ghasty story and a haunted place in Jaisalmer. A town once populated overnight turned into a deserted town the individuals who left the spot were never seen again. According to folklore years ago the minister of the state fell in love and wanted to marry the village chieftain’s daughter. He warned the villagers of dire consequences if they don’t let the marriage happen. The Chief of the village cursed the village before fleeing and from then the place bears a deserted look.The restless souls of the townsmen who relinquished the spot two hundred years back are said to still revisit the town.

Regularly said to be 'the spookiest spot in India’ nobody is permitted to stay in the premises after dull. Legend has it that a wizard once went gaga for the princess of Bhangarh. At the point when the wizard, trapped by affection, offered her an adoration mixture in the pretense of Ithar(scent) to make her wed her, she saw through his dishonesty and that brought his demise. Before ending his life, the wizard cursed the whole village and announced that nobody would have the capacity to live in Bhangarh.

3. Brijraj Bhavan
Brijraj Bhavan_1448960838u30.jpg Photo by: Hlimg

A Legacy Lodging, Brijraj Bhavan in Kota, once used to be the habitation of Significant Charles Burton who was slaughtered amid the revolt of 1857 by Indian sepoys. It's said that the apparition of Burton still strolls the lobbies here. The ghost is apparently harmless and doesn’t disturb the guests in the hotel. It is said that if the guards on duty doze off then the ghost of Burton taps them on the head.

4. Jagatpura
Jagatpura_1448961097u40.jpg Photo by: Blogspot

Jagatpura doesn't draw in sightseers only for its “spooky” vibe as like some different spots in Rajasthan. The spot is also a local attraction. Yet, the story that goes around is that at evening times, you get the chance to see witches strolling around the streets of Jagatpura. The witches are described as lady in white dress, old, white hair hanging free over the face. All the same, it can be entirely creepy to stroll after night in these parts.

5. Sudhabay
Sudhabay_1448961097u50.jpg Photo by: Grabhouse

Sudhabay may not be a ‘spookiest spot’ in a usual way. But the truth is, it’s the place individuals come to dispose of their haunting spirit. The place near Pushkar holds a fair every year where people who are possessed by evil spirits come to get free. A well which has Holy Water is built here and people have to take a bath in it.

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