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Bhangarh Fort

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PlaceBhangarh Fort
AreaRajasthan, India
Language Hindi, Rajasthani
WeatherSummer 28°C to 41°C, Winter 8°C to 23°C
Prices starting: 5750/night
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Bhangarh Fort Overview
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About Bhangarh Fort

Significance - Bhangarh fort is considered to be India's most haunted place.
Timing - 6 am-6.30pm or sunset, whichever is earlier
Entry Fees - For Foreigner- Rs. 200/-, For Indian- Rs.25/- Video Camera fees Rs.200/-.

Most haunted Place of India
In our chilhood we have heard several kinds of blood-curdling ghost stories and these haunted stories still scare us as nightmares. If this is not enough to believe then let us brief you about few best haunted places like Delhi cantt, Dumas Beach in Gujrat and many more in India but Bhangarh is the most HAUNTED place that would definitely give you a real jolt.



Bhangarh Fort is situated on the border of Sariska Tiger reserve in the Aravali range in the deserted town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan. Bhangarh is a ruined town between Jaipur and Alwar. Bhangarh fort is a major tourist attraction and is said to be one of the most haunted historical places in the world. Many myths are related with this haunted fort.
About the town of Bhangarh, it was established in 1573 by King Bhagwant Das who had two sons. His elder son was Man Singh, the famous General of Mughal Emperor Akbar and the younger one was Madho Singh. Bhagwant Das developed Bhangarh as the residence of his younger son Madho Singh who lived and ruled Bhangarh his whole life. Madho Singh named the city after his grandfather Man Singh who was also known as Bhan Singh and now the city is recognised as " Bhangarh".
Bhangarh Kila was established in 1613 and built by King Madho Singh and the town of Bhangarh was established by Bhagwant Das. Bhangarh Fort might be famed for its haunted and mysterious presence but it can be visited as a place that is beautiful and pleasant. People say, Bhangarh fort is not for the easily frightened faint-hearted people. It is rated as the most haunted place in the whole of India. India also has some other world's most haunted places. In fact, if have you ever thought that India was a country of several Gods and Goddess then you can be in for a surprise that India has a dark and spooky side as well. Those people who like to visit haunted places should definitely visit Bhangarh Fort that has its own status of being one of the most haunted places in India.


Why Bhangarh Fort/Kila is rumoured to be haunted and what are the folklores behind this "HAUNTED FORT" ?

There is a belief about Bhangarh that the place is haunted and no one can dare to go there after sunset. Several ghost stories are behind the mysteries of the Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan.Out of the numerous stories about bhangarh fort one that is most prevalent is that the Bhangarh city was build by King Madho Singh. For this city, the Emperor got approval by ascetic Guru Balu Nath who meditated at this place. The approval was given on the condition that the shadow of emperor's palace would never touch him at his prohibited retreat. If shadow touched over his place, the city would turn into ruins. The emperor started his fort construction with his money and strength. The Bhangarh fort was constructed with several stories and finally shadowed the prohibited retreat of Guru Balu Nath.
As per psychic power of Saint, the entire town was destroyed and ever since any construction around the crushed location or palace faces collapse. The samadhi of Guru Balu Nath is still there where he was buried.

The one other myth is as follows

Ratnavati was the princess of Bhangarh and was famed for her stately beauty all over her own kingdom and the neighboring states. By the time the princess turned 18 years old,she started getting matrimonial offers from diffrent states. There was a tantrik called Singhia, who was completely smitten by her but knew that the his match was impossible with the princess. But Singhiaa tantrik under the spell of glorious beauty of The Princess decided to decoy the princess with his magical powers jadu. One day Singhia saw the princess's maid in the market. So he thought, he'll marry the princess by using black magic on the oil that the maid was purchasing so that upon touching it, the princess would surrender herself to magician. However, the princess saw the Sanghia Tantrik trick that he was enchanting the oil. So the princess poured the oil on to the ground. The oil on ground turned into a rock and rolled towards the magician and crushed him Singhia . Before dying, the magician cursed the Bhangarh city to death and said there will be no more rebirths. After this incident, the curse showed its results in a the battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh, where Ratnavati was assassinated. However, some local folk stories tell that the princess has taken a rebirth somewhere else and the bhangarh fort is waiting for her return and end the sadistic curse. According to the folk tales, Bhangarh fort is the dwelling of ghosts and that is why entry is prohibited for tourists or visitors in the fort before sunrise and after sunset.


What happens in Bhangarh at night

According to different local tales, no one is allowed to hangout in the scary Bhangarh fort premises once the sun sets. Therefore, tight restrictions have been imposed at bhangarh fort.... you have to leave the fort at the given time in the evening 6 pm before dusk. The fort's main entrance is locked and Goverment has placed a notice board at the main gate which reads that " visiting the fort before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited and if rules are violated legal action would be taken".
There is a rumour that spirits roam in Bhangarh Fort at night. People often hear strange noises screaming, crying voice of women, bangles sound in the rooms and they reported many weird and scarcely credible incidents like some one's talking and a special smell is felt. Such kind of weird incidents are reported in the fort after dusk. People have seen ghostly shadow, strange lights, unusual sound of music and dance coming from the bhangarh fort. It is said that whoever entered in the fort after sunset and stayed there for a night,will not return from the fort next morning.


Bhangarh Fort Haunted stories -Tourist Experiences

1. Story told by Masoom Bhargav I am from Alwar and Bhangarh is in the municipality of Alwar district. Since childhood I have heard ious stories about Bhangarh but I would like to quote one. This story was told by my father. We went there when I was 9 years old so I don't remember much but according to my father when our family was walking near the fort of Bhangarh we saw a man who was talking to himself. Being a child I wanted to ask him who he was talking to but my father resisted. While coming back we saw that man again. He was walking by my side. He was telling us the real story behind Bhangarh.
My father tried to get rid of him but he was desperate to tell us the story. He was old therefore he was walking slowly. My father carried me and tried to walk fast to get rid of him. You must be thinking how cruel we were because we didn't try to help that old person but I would like to mention that we gave him food on the first meeting but later on some local people warned us. My father's plan worked and we were far ahead of him but the strangest thing that happened was when we looked back to see whether he was following us or not he disappeared... You must be thinking I am joking but the people behind us told us there was nobody following us.

2. It really happend with me and my frnds in bhangarh at night.After 12 my friends and i decided to go Bhangarh and stay inside the fort in night. Anyway I am from Jaipur and doing 2nd year. So around 7pm we reached there little before sunset and around 8.30pm we were in the fort and seriously the location, atmosphere, air everything was very scary, around 12.30am we all decided to leave fort. That time we all were around 20-21 people friends and some other villagers so just after main gate all my friends and those people heard female shouting voice from fort, but me and my two friends didn't hear that sound. So we all start running after some distance we stopped and discussing it then suddenly a wall like thing fell in front of us so we again started running then finally we crossed final gate. So guys there is something wrong in this fort...... story was taken from a blog
There are so much horrifying incidents related to this haunted fort.... SOME SAID HE WAS A GHOST BUT I DON'T THINK SO. Neither I, nor my father know where he went. We went back to the place where we first met him. He was not there...Strange but true...

How to reach Bhangarh

Bhangarh is a village of alwar district in the state of Rajasthan between Jaipur & Delhi which is famous for its historical ruins. Bhangarh Fort is the best place to visit here. Some more temples are also good places to visit here in Bhangarh. As Rajasthan is very hot place during summer season, it is better to visit the place in winters specially between October to February. The fort opens in the morning till evening for 12 hours, 6 am -6 pm. Entry to Bhangarh Fort is legally prohibited between sunset and sunrise. Aman Bagh Palace is a five star hotel to stay here. But if you look for some other cheap and best hotel then there are some options as -Saket Hotel and Hotel Bhairav at NH8. If you are planning to visit Bhangarh then there are different modes of travel

From Delhi To Bhangarh

Delhi is the nearest metro city to Bhangarh and even the capital of the country. The distance between Delhi to Bhangarh is approx 280Km. Mode of travel could be by bus and by train. There are several options of travelling to Bhangarh from Delhi, but it is better to prefer the road transport by own vehicle. If you choose train route, even then there are many trains to Alwar. Some of them are weekly special. After reaching Alwar railway station, you will have to hire a private taxi to visit the places.
Travelling by own vehicle is more suitable. The route is not very clear and food availability is also not good on highways, so it is better to have some food and water with you, before you begin your journey Delhi to Gurgaon is the clear route. After travelling approx 1 hour, you get to Dharuhera. From there, you have to take a left turn through market zone, which takes you to Bhiwadi. Near RIICO Industrial area. After 1.30 hour travel you get the outskirt of Alwar. After 15 Km from Akbarpur, Sariska Park starts which takes you to Thanagazi, from where you have to take a left turn to Ajabgarh. After 30 minutes of travel you get to Dausa Road from where you reach Bhangarh after approx 15 minutes of travel distance.

Bangalore To Bhangarh

Bangalore is 2118Km away fron Bhangarh. If you are planning to visit Bhangarh from Bangalore, then you have multiple options to choose from. If you are short of time and can spend some extra bucks, then air transport is better. It costs approx Rs.7000. but you still don't have any direct flight to Bhangarh due to unavailability of airport. You have to take a flight to Jaipur and then road transport is easily available from there. Flight takes only 415 hours. Red bus is also available from Bangalore which takes 33 hours of travel time and costs Rs.4,826. But railway is the best way to reach Bhangarh, if you have plenty of time. It takes 37 hours and you can easily get a train from Yeswantpur Railway Station, Bangalore.

Mumbai To Bhangarh

Bhangarh is nearer to Mumbai compared to Bangalore. Distance between Mumbai and Bhangarh is approx 1265Km. Air, road and railway can be availed to reach from Mumbai to Bhangarh. It takes only 145 hours to travel by air but you will have to spent 7-8 thousand bucks on a single way journey. Railway could be the better way to travel to Bhangarh. You can get a direct train to Alwar from Mumbai, four days in a week and takes 2021 hours to get Alwar. And if you love long drive then own vehicle can be preferred. By road you get to Baroda from Mumbai and get to Bhangarh via Kheenwasar. You will have to travel approx 1915 hours by road.

Currency: Rupees - INR
Pincode: 301001

Places to see around Bhangarh Fort

The bhangarh fort is home to many beautiful streams and lakes along with few temples around it.

THE BALA QUILA FORT This beautiful palace lies very close to the bhangarh haveli and the best part about it is the height that is somewhat 1000 ft above the alwar city. The fort is adorned with glass marble structures and lattice window balconies along with small and large towers on it summing up to approximately 60 in number.

THE SARISKA TIGER RESERVE All the zoologists and nature admirers can always rush into this bio reserve for at least once in lifetime to have glimpses of the gorgeous Bengal tiger and other ieties of ornithes. This is pure attraction that surrounds the bhangarh fort and gives immensely beautified look to the fort.

JAI POL This is a huge and marvellous fort which is known for its bigger doorways and minute craft work on gateways of the citadel.

COMPANY BAGH This is a beautiful garden that captures and exhibits all the natural and olden day marvels of alwar. This garden is mostly known for its outstanding shimla house.

SILISERH LAKE PALACE This marvellous lake palace is situated at the banks of the mentioned lake and is known for the flocking tourists who love admiring the natures love and sport for adventures.

The bhangarh fort has many more to places around it which are a must see for all visiting it. The four gates of the fort namely the Lahori gate, Ajmeri gate, Phulwari gate and Delhi gate have great temples beautifully constructed long time back. The temples are mostly of hanuman ji and shivji. The Gopinath temple, Someshwar temple, Keshav rai temple, Mangala devi temple, hanuman temple are present here and are looked after by the purohitji who stays there in his haveli. The place consists of the Nachan ki havelidancers house and the jauhari bazaar which is the nearby market and witnesses a good business there as the sovereigns are nicely available here. The fort is not all bad if one loves to explore and learn new stuffs.

Food Markets around Bhangarh Fort

Its nearby local cuisine is heavenly starting with the best kachoris ever made from onion, dry dal, chilli and other stuffings. The bhel and bhujia rule over the place in snack items. While the bajre ki roti and lahsun ki chutney are the stars the malpuas come in as show stoppers.

The alwars district has many beautiful markets to go shopping in like Sarafa bazaar where you will find the best gem stones and diamonds, the malakhera bazaar to shop for textiles and daily use articles, churi market which sits best for ladies out there as you get the best rajasthani clothes and chunk jewellery there. Much more adorns the city of alwar thus making your visit to bhangarh memorable.

Bhangarh Fort Reviews (5)
5 ★
local people do not talk of haunted stories anymore. it is a dilapidated fort and has a strange smell inside probably due to presence of bats. a nice experience
5 ★
Washroom facility is not so good. There is no entrance fee.
5 ★
Nice amazing and mysterious experience
1 ★
My overall experience in Bhangarh Fort was Poor. There is no entrance fee.
4 ★
local people do not talk of haunted stories anymore. it is a dilapidated fort and has a strange smell inside probably due to presence of bats. a nice experience
Traveler Questions & Answers
Q : Is this place really haunted...or a rumor...?
A :
yes it is
By mukesh on 27th Feb, 2018
Q : Is this place really scary?
A :
Yes, it is. However, if you are not alone, you wont be scared.
By arpit Goel on 13th Nov, 2017

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