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Top 7 Places to Visit in Shillong in 2018

Shillong is a beautiful place to visit. There are many tourist destinations which can make your trip a wonderful one. Pine trees and the lush hill add more beauty to the place. It is even regarded as the Scotland of India. There are some places in Shillong which will definitely make you feel that nothing could be more amazing than this. So, visiting Shillong will be a total fun for vacations.Here is the list of top 5 places to visit in Shillong in 2018

Shillong Peak - Shillong
shillong-peak-head-438_1502443690e11.jpeg Photo by: cdn.tourism

This famous destination is just 10 km away from the city. This place offers the best view of the Shillong. This place is the radar station for The Indian Air Force; therefore one has to give an id proof and has to take an approval to enter the location. This place is under surveillance always. This place is the highest peak of Shillong and is at a height of 6449 ft.

Ward’s Lake - Shillong

For spending evening this location is the best among the all. This lake is a pretty thing to watch and is surrounded by beautiful artificial gardens. It is also called as the Polok Lake. For the honeymoon couples, this is a perfect place. One can spot people enjoying fountain dance and boating at this place. There is a cafeteria over there to enjoy snacks and even a Botanical Garden is present there.

This place is more beautiful ad fascinating than it sounds. This place is called Elephant Falls as there is an elephant like a stone at its foot. For tourist it’s like a paradise as there are three layers of the waterfall which can be seen from a different viewpoint. The first layer of the waterfall is between the dense trees. The second layer reduces to thin strands. The third layer of the waterfall is the tallest and the clearest one. The flow in this layer looks like a sheet of milk is flowing which is worth watching. For the ones who love taking pictures this place is the best one.

This lake is a man-made one surrounded by forest cover around it. This lake is spread over an area of 221km. This lake has few islands and a park which is just attached to it. This park is an ideal one for people to have a day out there. Water sports like boating, kayaking, water cycling and scooting can also be done at this place. One can even spot fisherman at this place searching for fishes.

Don Bosco Museum - Shillong
maxresdefault (2)_1502443692i50.jpg Photo by: ytimg

This beautiful museum exhibits the culture of this northeastern state. One can spot a iety of handicrafts, photographs, weapons and ornaments over there. This museum has a seven storey building which has seventeen galleries.

David Scott Tail - Shillong
david-scott-trail-shillong-head-429_1502443692i60.jpeg Photo by: cdn.tourism

This is one of the most popular trekking routes in the region. This track is used to cover the distance between Assam and Bangladesh. It is a 16 km trek which will certainly make you enjoy the maximum. One can experience waterfall, horse track and a beautiful terrain while trekking.

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