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Top 10 Countries Where People Live The Longest

10 top countries where people live longer because of their healthy lifestyle and government policies on health care initiative.


 Japan: 87 years

When it comes to the long life expectancy the Japan gained the first position where people live approx 87 years.  The secret is their culture that clearly gives more mileage to the people. People in Japan believe in Eat, sleep and relax theory to live a life.


Spain: 85.1 years

The People of Spain have the longest life span where people on an average lives for 85.1 years. People are fond of food here, but they consume more traditional food which is healthy and there is no obesity epidemic registered here.  Spanish people follow a strong universal health system, and at the same time Spanish culture encourages a long and healthy life.


Switzerland: 85.1 years

People in Switzerland enjoy great medical services where government requires you to take up basic health insurance that covers basic medical services regardless of age and medical condition. People live a long and healthy life, the average life span is 85.1 years.


Singapore: 85.1 years

Singapore is one country that provides great health care and men ranked 5th and women ranked 4th as far s life expectancy is concerned. The life span is high here because of the government policy where the government establishes insurance policies at affordable prices for all and people live up to the age of 85.1 years.

Italy_1431168469u50.jpg Photo by: brodyaga

Italy: 85 years

Italy is one country where people have a long life span and on an average person live for 85 years. People in Italy smokes, have pooper economic status and there is no much spend less on health care has been provided, but their culture and cuisine makes it possible and people live longer.


France: 84.9 years

France is one country in the Europe that spends more on health care; this helps the elderly French citizens. The health care system of France is the best performing system in the world, according to WHO. Government refund the 70% of expense on health care and 100% refund on long-term illness. The average life span in France is 84.9 years.


Australia: 84.6 years

Australia spends 10% of its GDP on health care, but still they have a long life span where people live up to 84.6 years. The Government introduced a great system that is income-relative taxation strategy, where Australia citizens can afford benefits for consulting with physicians and specialists, including tests and examinations along with many surgical procedures.

South Korea_1431168470u80.jpg

South Korea: 84.6 years

South Korean has a long life span with 84.6 years because of government policy where people will get benefit on medical treatment. South Korean citizens will get full coverage by government on complex diseases like cancer. The medical services bill would be given to one entity and that is the Government of South Korea.


Luxembourg 84.1 years

Luxembourg gained 9th position in the list with the average life span 84.1 years.  The health care system here is state-funded, makes it great health care system in the world. The system covers every citizen without considering the age and status.


Portugal: 84 years

The average life span of Portugal people is 84 years. The government works with a great system and provides health care coverage to every citizen.  People here get healthcare measures on various fronts without considering the age and status.

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