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With smart city mission launched in 2015, by Government of India which aims at providing residents with an efficient and reliable infrastructure, updated technology and enhanced quality of life and socio-economic opportunities. These smart cities will have affordable housing, hotels, malls etc. Government of India so far shortlisted 90 countries for this smart city mission and among those these are the most promising smart cities of India.

Being the IT Hub of nation, Bengaluru is listed on the top in the list of most promising smart cities of India, with an influential IT infrastructure, Rs 1700 crore has been sanctioned for making roads, improve parks, heritage structures etc.

With world class education facilities at Pune, it has emerged as an IT and Automobile hub of India, and is among the top contenders of smart city mission, Pune has a strong demand of real estate and developers are showing quite good interest in developing this city, Mumbai-Puna Expressway is an example which turned the city fortune.

Vishakhapatnam - Vishakhapatnam

This port city has seen rapid growth of infrastructure, IT and Pharmaceutical sector. In quite some months it has become a viable real estate destination, with so much of fresh opportunities arriving at Vishakhapatnam, this city has marked itself in the list of most promising smart cities of India.

Ahmedabad - Ahmedabad

With Sabarmati as one of the famous attraction of Ahmedabad, this city has seen another attraction of rapid development of infrastructure, providing vast opportunities of employment in textile, chemical and automobile industries. Gone are the times when Ahmedabad is known for Sabarmati, now it’s going be next Hi-Tech city of India.

Chennai - Chennai

After Bengaluru, the next IT hub is Chennai, which is second largest exporter of software and home to many eminent software industries. The manufacturing hub of the nation is now focusing on building road connectivity and infrastructure to maintain its position in the list of smart cities of India.

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