India’s popular caving destination - Meghalaya

India’s popular caving destination - Meghalaya

Travelling is seen as a passion or hobby for many people across the world. For others, it is a luxury and an escape from the hectic routine of everyday life. Going to new places, seeing new things, experiencing the atmosphere of a wholly different and lively location can often be therapeutic.    Following the same routine, every day which mostly includes commuting from home to work and work to home can become monotonous. To overcome this frustration, one needs to take occasional breaks and vacations, usually somewhere exotic.  A change from the daily routine where one can peacefully relax is very helpful to lead a normal and functional life. One should carefully plan their trip so as to get maximum enjoyment. Planning a fixed budget and choosing the correct hotels and destination spots is very important in order to have a smooth and satisfying journey. To choose the correct travel destinations in India along with the best deals, one can choose as their travel partner. One of the leading websites in the country about travel deals, connects us with the most professional travel agents from around the world in order to get the best offers on holiday plans.   Normally, people choose travel destinations in India situated in the mountains or near sea beaches when planning a trip to our country. For those specific lovers of travel and exploration, caves are often an interesting and mesmerizing spot to visit.  Caves in India have always been linked to our cultural history, reflecting our heritage in the best way possible. Exploration of caves is called spelunking in the United States of America or potholing in the United Kingdom, or simply caving. Caving is an outdoor sports activity, mostly done in groups to achieve maximum enjoyment and have an adventure trip.    In a country like ours, with a rich and beautiful history, cave carvings and paintings are perhaps the best sources of information about our culture and spiritual heritage.  Speaking of caves to visit, one cannot leave out one of India’s popular caving destinations - Meghalaya. A state in the northeast part of the country, its southern parts are rich in limestone forming multiple cave systems.    They are mostly situated in the region of the Garo Hills, Jaintia and Khasi Hills. These are among the longest caves in the entire world. The Krem Liat Prah caves in the Jaintia Hills are the longest caves in the country.  A few caves of Meghalaya include 

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Here is a list for you - India’s popular caving destination - Meghalaya

1. Krem Liat Prah

As said earlier, making up the longest natural caves in the country, it is situated in Shnongrim Range in the Jaintia Hills. Its length is approximately thirty-four kilometers. With the continuous surveys, excavation and exploration carried out by the government in its Abode of the Clouds Expedition Project. The Aircraft Hangar, which is basically the vast trunk passage here, is a famous spot in these caves.


2. Krem Umthloo

An approximately thirteen kilometers long cave in the northeastern state, also in the Jaintia Hills, this site is ideal for beginners and amateurs interested in cave exploration. It begins to form the Tongseng village from a slope and eventually ends up inside a big passage. This cave has numerous potholes each varying unto fifty to sixty meters in depth.

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3. Krem Mawmluh

Coming to the caves of Khasi Hills, Krem Mawmluh is quite famous among the tourists. The entrance to the cave is a very steep one, with a stream of water flowing down. Thus, one needs to step aside with caution. The inside of the caves are mostly filled with water and walking becomes difficult because of the slippery surfaces. This spot is popular among lovers of adventure trips and sport because of its challenging and rocky interiors.

4. Krem Lumpur

Situated around six kilometers from the village of Nongjri, its entrance is surrounded by a jungle, covered with huge rocky boulders. About one kilometer into the cave, there is a thin passage known as the “Way to Heaven” which is quite tricky to traverse. The Mughal Room is yet another attraction in this cave.

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5. Tetengkol Balwakol

The last of this list, but definitely not the least, this cave is situated in the southern parts of the Garo Hills. Around five hundred and fifty-three kilometers long, this makes it the second-longest cave in the country. Its entrance is a pretty tiny and insubstantial circle, one meter in diameter.


Thus, a trip to Meghalaya is a must. One can easily find the best tourist spots in its marvelous caves and mysterious jungles. This is what makes this small state in the northeast such a famous location for travelers, adventure trip lovers to come to visit from around the world. Lovers of cave exploration should definitely visit this area as it is a must-see destination for them. 


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