Haunted Places in Kolkata 

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Haunted Places in Kolkata

Kolkata is established in indian eastern part. It is the capital of west bengal. Kolkata drags people’s attention to see its hypnotic architectural, ancient tombstones and buildings wherefore it is counted as a best tourist place in india. If you flip this positive side, it also has the dark faces like tantra and black-magic. Some notorious and haunted places in kolkata is given below:

The Kolkata Dock

This place was originally kept by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh. After his crown was snatched from him by the East India Company (1856), The Nawab took shelter in the area which now holds the Kolkata docks. There are a few scary Stories about it. It is believed that the soul of the Nawab resides here to malice the British Empire.

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The Hasting House

The Belvedere Estate was one of the ancient establishments in Alipore. Hasting house is a very small part of Belvedere estate. Stories are that when Warren Hastings visits the campus in search of some old but necessary documents he got lost. Another story is of his wife and children, all of whom had unusual death within this place, it is said that he comes to this place to relieve his memories.

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Writers Building
Wipro Office

The place where the building constructed was a part of the East Kolkata Wetlands. Locals in the close-by areas of Salt Lake and Rajarhat explain the reasons for the unknown experiences faced at the Wipro office. The plot where Wipro Kolkata was constructed there was a graveyard and encounter murders have also taken place here. Employees often avoid to go alone to the washroom after mysterious events have been noticed. They have often complained about unusual sightings, specifically on the third floor of Tower 3. Although it doesn’t look like a haunted place but you need to visit there once to believe it.

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Nimtala Burning Ghat

This Ghat exists in center of Kolkata, where according to the Hindu rituals dead bodies were burn over there. The story of this scary place is that at the dead night Aghorie Babas (devotee of Goddess Kali) used to come here to evoke Kali Mata at Shamsaan Ghat. According to the locals, on the nights, “Aghories” come and they feed on the leftover human flesh from the burning pyre and use them to evoke occult powers.

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Putulbari or the House of Dolls

This place is very spooky and creepier than its name”Putulbari” or “The house of dolls”. According to the locals, if you live after sunset in this house you are sure going to get an encounter with the mysterious powers that flicker around. The mysterious powers are claimed to be of poor beautiful women who were hardheartedly sexually exploited by the Zamindaars who lived at that place.

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South park street cemetery or Lower Circular Road Cemetery

It is one of the excellent tourist spot in Kolkata. It was built in 1767. The tall lush green trees, old tombs and peaceful surrounding mesmerize many tourists and residents as well. The entry to this place gives you a scary experience right from the large iron gates to the marble stone that take you through the lines of graves bearing British names. Tourists claim to have sensed unusual things after visiting this place.

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Ravindra Sarobar Metro Station

Those people who have committed Suicide at R.S. metro station are supposed to be haunting the place and quite the few have been seen over the years. Some of the people who have got on the last train have had the bad experiences. It is claimed that soul can sometimes be seen riding the last train. People have reported ghastly shadows of figures during the late evening and nights.

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Royal Calcutta Turf Club

This is the tale of 1930s of a race maniac called George Williams who emotionally attached with his horses more than his family and his job at the secretariat. He had approx. 5 horses, out of which his most loving and dearest was a pearl white horse known by the name of Pride. George William shot his horse when she was unable to win some races. According to myth, Pride remains alive in the stories.

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National Library

It is the famous library in India by capacity and India’s library of public records. Residents have heard scary sounds made by traditional anklets worn by ladies during dance performances. According to the tales, Lay Metcalfe loved to keep her home clean and disliked if someone kept things out of their place. Even now, if you go to the libraries mainly for reading room, and keep yourself busy between piles of books scattered over, then you’d feel her breath.

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