Most Haunted Places in Bangalore

Most Haunted Places in Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka in South region of India. This is also famous by the name of Garden City. This place has different cultures and used different kinds of technology too. If you flip the other side of the Bangalore you can see the web of supernatural power in which the city of technology is trapped tightly. So there is some undefined power bound to attract your interest.  And all these powers make their presence felt enough to leave adrenaline pumping. So if you want to explore the creepiest places of Bangalore make up your mind for exploring. To start your journey we are providing you with a list of most  haunted places in Bangalore :

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Here is a list for you - Most Haunted Places in Bangalore

1. Victoria Hospital

This is a very old hospital located near The City Market. It has been an eye-witness to strange incidents which makes it the most haunted place of Bangalore. Ghost appearances have been noticed on the bounds of this hospital. Locals have noticed these events in which they have claimed to see a white mysterious figure on the trees in the hospital area or compound. But more than wanting to frighten the people, this ghost appears to be of the fun types. This is said that packets of meal have gone disappearing. An ever hungry ghost (bhoot) is lurking around this place. So keep your food at a safe and secure place if you decide to make a trip to this Victoria Hospital.

2. Naale Baa

India has numerous evil places, let’s talk about the story of this scary place. This ghost has his own panache to deal with people. He comes every night and knocks at the door. What will you do when ghost knock your door? Answer is that when demon knock yours doors, you should not give any reply if want to live long. You just write down on the paper “Naale Baa. It means in Kannada “Come back tomorrow”. And continue this procedure daily because this ghost comes here daily.

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3. Bangalore International Airport

It’s constructed in 2008 and recently included in the list of most haunted places in Bangalore. Many people have seen a lady in a white saree with her long hair. A pilot who remembers the story of a white saree lady says that he thought she has lost her way and searching for someone who can help her find her way. But she disappered when he went towards her for help. People have also seen this woman on the runway with her stretched arms. She sometimes appeared near the escalator of the Bangalore International Airport.

4. Call-Centre on M.G. Road

M.G. road in Bangalore is considered as a spookiest place of Bangalore. Do not strain your nerves because we are about to reveal the mystery of this haunted place. If you are working in call centre and doing the night shift job then be aware. This soul is of a young girl who was working in Call-centre. One day she was going home after her night shift. And one drunk driver came there by his car and crushed her. She was screaming there and he ran away from there. Many people hear her screams but no one saved her life. She died. It is said that every year at the same night she comes back. That girl’s soul has been seen by many people who have passed from there.

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5. National Highway-4

This highway has recorded several haunted stories. According to the residents, once an auto driver at around 2am was turning back to the home after dropping a customer at Hoskote. When he came back a senile lady asked him for a lift.  He returned to ask the girl where that lady wanted to go. When he turned back, he was alarmed because she was missing from that place. He got scared when she re-appeared and begun laughing loudly. Auto driver ran fast to save his life and collapsed within the compound wall.

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