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Most Haunted Places in Goa

Goa reminds us of its extraordinary beaches and great hotels. Goa is one place that is present in every foreign tourists list of must visit places. However there are few places in Goa many folks aren't even conscious of. This list introduces you to Seven most haunted places in Goa. Keep still and get ready for a complete horror experience.

1. Igorchem Bandh

Igorchem dam or Igorchem Bandh is accounted as one of the most haunted place in Goa. This haunted dam has endless spirits residing. Situated behind the church of Our Girl of Snows, it's identified to be in possession of many wandering souls. According to locals, if someone passes this dam in the day Around 2-3 p.m. then he’ll be possessed by evil spirits. The irony of this haunted place is that almost all the ghost stories are prevalent in night or favour the dark but ghosts of this dam strike in broad daylight. So beware, if you plan to visit this place then every moving step can take you to unfulfilled souls who like to Haunt folks and suck blood from their body.

2. Borim Bridge

The story of this place is really fascinating. It is rumoured that if you drive through here in night a mad woman appears from nowhere and runs towards your car and jumps off the bridge. However, once you go and check there’s no sign of anyone having jumped-no sound of water splashing, nothing. And once you come back to your car and starts driving there She is in the rear seat of your car. The story of this mad ghost is one that keeps several weary regarding the Borim Bridge.

3. Baytakhol

Situated between Dhavali and Bori this is one place which gives you the chills. A lady appears in the middle of the road shouting. And when you look back to ascertain what the eerie sound was, the road seems vacant shocking you and losing management of the wheel which leads to accident. And if you're thinking that this sounds sort of a scene out of a Bollywood film, and then you would be shocked to hear that Number of accidents on this road is very high.

4. Three Kings church

The legend is that the area was ruled by Three Portuguese king and they all kept fighting to rule over that place. Overcome with greed of power, a king named Holgar, invited the remainder two kings for dinner. Then He mixed poison in their dinner and killed them. But once the people came to know of this incident they gathered in huge numbers around the church. When the king saw this he got scared and consumed poison. Later, all of them were buried in the same church. From then, it's believed that spirits of these three kings roam in the church. But the ghosts of this place are friendly and never hurt anyone. The Indian Paranormal Society has also found presence of some unnatural forces here.

5. D Mello House

The house, located in Santemol bears a deserted look and has no buyers because it is believed to be haunted. According to folklore, two brothers lived in this house and fought over the property. One of the brothers died in the fight and it is said that his soul wanders here.  Noises like falling of some object, a loud cry in night can be heard in the house.

6. The Rodrigues Home

The Rodrigues house is Situated in Verna. Although it seems that there’s nothing unusual happening here. However, the windows and doors that open and shut on their own accord, as if they alive, or things go missing during night. Happenings like these have earned this place a reputation of extra-ordinary and downright alarming.

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