Most Haunted Places in Mumbai

India is considered as a land of mysteries where several types of paranormal and blood curdling activities have occurred from time to time. Several questions arise in our mind and mostly these questions have no answers. In our childhood we listened to lots of stories related to spiritual and ghostly power by friends and relatives. If you want to visit haunted places in India so pack your bags and start visiting. You might need more than one month to travel. Now, we are highlighting the haunted places of Mumbai:

Most Haunted Places in Mumbai: 

Have you ever thought that Mumbai, the city of dreams, trends and capital of business can also give you nightmares? This city has some haunted places. Below you will find a small list of the mysterious places of Mumbai:

1. Vrindavan Society - Mumbai
Vrindavan Society_1446469165e11.jpg Photo by: Blogspot

Vrindavan Society (Thane) is the most prominent haunted place in Mumbai. According to people, in this society a crazy slapping ghost is there. These mysterious activities happen in building no. 66B which is on north side of Vrindavan Society. These mysterious activities started after the suicide of an aged man. He jumped from the terrace and attempted suicide.

2. Pawan Hans Quarters, Juhu - Mumbai

Mumbai’s most mysterious place is Pawan Hans Quarters in Juhu. Here a century old peepal tree is there. According to locals, a 20 years old girl Salma poured kerosene and set herself aflame. Nobody knows why she attempted suicide? Everyone can feel her presence over there. A resident called Anthony D’Souza, a devoted Catholic, constructed a temple of Lord Hanuman to save the society. The girl runs towards the tree, with her burning clothes. When she reaches that old peepal tree her soul disappears.

3. Building in Santa Cruz West - Mumbai
Building in Santa Cruz West_1446635151u30.jpg Photo by: Magicbricks

The soul of this lady is well known by “Second-floor ki Bhabhi”. Residents are frightened to take her name. She committed suicide after a tiff with her hubby.You can see a black dog in that building who has made this building his permanent house. He just sits there silently. But every night, a veiled lady spirit arrives and walks in the corridor. Soul of this veiled lady never injures anyone.

4. The D’Souza Chawl, Mahim - Mumbai
The D’Souza Chawl_1446469165u40.jpg Photo by: Blogspot

The D’Souza Chawl is known as “The Lady of Well” because the ghost of this lady is always visible around the well where she died. Owing to this chawl, Mahim become the most haunted place in Mumbai. Inside the chawl, a well is there which didn’t have an edge around it. When she was getting water from the well the soil around the well collapsed into the well and she died. Her ghost is always seen by the Chawl people but her apparition never hurts anyone.

5. Nasserwanj Wadi, Mahim - Mumbai

Mahim has several creepy places and one of them is Nasserwanj Wadi. It is not far from the Mahim Railway Station. According to folklore, a Parsi man lived here, his name was Nasser. This Parsi man was brutally burnt by the killer in his own cabin close to the well in the compound. For last 16 years, the ghost takes a daily walk here in night.  Soul of Nasser did not leave his affection for his property that’s why his soul is still there.  Within the span of one year more than seven people lost their lives after the death of this Parsi man.

6. Sanjay Gandhi National Park - Mumbai
Sanjay Gandhi National Park_1446469165u60.jpg Photo by: Wcnc

This park is also counted as a haunted place in Mumbai. There are few anxious souls who were not able to live or die calmly. A lady ghost (Chudail) is always seen by the guards and visitors who wears a white saree. She always asks for lift. If the driver doesn’t stop their car then she runs behind the car or laughs mysteriously.

7. Ram Sakit Building, Behind Paradise Cinema, Mahim - Mumbai

Mahim has several mysterious and haunted places. And every place has a unique story. So this, Ram Sakit Building also has its own tale that is about 20 years old. This building has a sealed well in its apartment. So the rumor is that a Maharashtrian lady whose name was Sulochana (50 years old) had lived there. She had fallen down in the well and died. People say her soul always appears during Amavasya and vanishes after dawn.

8. Marve and Madh Island Road - Mumbai
Marve and Madh Island Road_1446469166u80.jpg Photo by: Youthincmag

This story of island road is about 25 years old. At this place, apparition of a lady is present and seen during full moon night. According to folklore, a bride was badly killed by someone on her wedding night. After that her body was dumped in the mangroves. That’s the reason, her spirit is always seen by visitors in full bridal make-up or outfits. She distracts the visitors on the road of this island which is on the border of Mumbai. She yells and when anybody goes to help her, she starts running along that guy or his/her vehicle. Due to these paranormal activities many accidents happen on this road.

9. Mukesh Mills - Mumbai
Mukesh Mills_1446469166u90.jpg Photo by: Panoramio

This mill was originally constructed in 1870 in Colaba. It was a textile mill that shut down due to drastic losses resulting from a tremendous fire event. Now this place is used for shooting. Actors don’t prefer shooting here at night. It has become a hot spot for shooting spooky scenes in the movies. This is also a hot spot where many murders are supposed to be done and bodies disposed of in the Arabian Sea. In Mumbai many spookier places are also there such as Aarey Milk Colony, Thakur College, Tower of Silence and Grand paradi tower, Kemp’s corner etc.

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