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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Chennai

Photo by: Elementshostel

Like every other city in India, Chennai is famous for its traditions, culture and history. But other than this there is another side to the city that is quite scary. So all the people visiting Chennai should reconsider their visit after reading about these haunted places in Chennai

1. Madras Christian College - Chennai
Madras Christian college_1446634357e11.jpg

According to people this place is haunted by the ghost of a student. The Heber’s hall is believed to be the dwelling of the soul of the boy who committed suicide after being rejected by a girl. Since then students have experienced instances of utensils rattling, taps running and opening of windows etc.

2. Karikattu Kupam - Chennai
Karikattu Kupam_1446634358u20.jpg Photo by: Thehindu

It is located off the ECR scenic stretch. The place was a fishing hamlet which was destroyed in 2004 by Tsunami. An old man and a child died and since then people believe that their ghosts roam there. The area is completely deserted and therefore has a spooky air to it.

3. De Monte Colony - Chennai
De Monte Colony_1446634358u30.jpg Photo by: Blogspot

One of the most famous haunted place; this is a colony full of ghost stories. There are many abandoned houses and the place has an eerie feel to it. A movie was also made on it. People say it is haunted because most of the place was owned by a businessman John De Monte who led a sad and unsatisfied personal life. His wife was mentally ill and his son went missing. It is said that the ghost of John roams here at midnight.

4. Broken Bridge - Chennai
Broken Bridge_1446634358u40.jpg

A famous shooting spot the place is a nightmare to visit in the night. A hub of illegal activities the place reeks of eeriness. Even authorities advice people to stay away from the place in night.

5. Besant Avenue Road - Chennai
Besant Avenue Road_1446634359u50.jpg Photo by: Topbuzz

In daylight this is busy road full of people. But after sunset nobody dares to pass through this lane. The place bears a deserted look and people have complained of slapping incidents or being overthrown. A temple was also made on the corner of the road to ward off evil spirits.

6. Two laned East Coast Road - Chennai
Two laned East Coast Road_1446634007u60.jpg Photo by: Knowindia

A beautiful stretch of road to drive becomes scary in the night. Many drivers who have passed through this road in night have claimed to see an apparition of a white sari clad ghost. A girl died in an accident here and it is believed that her ghost roams here in the night asking for lift.

7. Valmiki Nagar - Chennai
Valmiki Nagar_1446634007u70.jpg Photo by: Westchamparan

The place is located 15kms from the Chennai International Airport in Ambedkar Nagar. A house lies vacant for the last 10 years as the owner’s daughter committed suicide here. Incidents of door slamming, screaming and sobbing of a girl have been reported. People are wary to go inside as the house is believed to be possessed by evil spirits. Reports claim that the door of the house open itself when someone passes to invite the person in. Even GOOGLE lists this place as haunted on its maps further fuelling the rumor mills.

8. Blue Cross Road - Chennai
blue cross road_1447933655u80.jpg Photo by: Blogspot

The road is famous for suicides and therefore has become known as a haunted destination. The canopy of trees covering the road from both sides prevents sunlight from passing through thus lending an eerie feel to the place.

9. Anna Flyover - Chennai
Anna Flyover_1446634008u90.jpg Photo by: Hunt

This flyover is also known as a suicide spot thus infamous. In night the place is inapproachable due to criminal elements and ghosts rumors.

10. Theosophical Society - Chennai
Theosophical Society_1446634359u100.jpg Photo by: Tourmet

A banyan tree is what makes this place spooky. Reports of screaming and ghost apparitions after the sun sets have been done.
So these are the places which are considered haunted in Chennai. So next time when you plan to visit the city make a note to go to these places. But a warning especially to the weak hearted “Think twice before you go there”.

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