Best cafes in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is an archipelago of some most beautiful and quaint islands on the earth. It is a union territory of India, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists come here to enjoy the beauty and experience the amazing views and environment of Lakshadweep every year. A good footfall of tourists has resulted in the establishment of some fine cafes and restaurants for catering to the needs of tourists and also for locals who have been settled here. Though it doesn’t have many cafes and restaurants like many other famous tourist destinations, the most popular café which you shouldn’t miss when you go to Lakshadweep for holidays.

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Here is a list for you - Best cafes in Lakshadweep

1. Cafe de Saina

Café de Saina is the most popular café in Kavaratti Island of Lakshadweep. The café serves tasty food in an amazing ambiance. The service here is also prompt and the staff is very humble. This is the first choice of tourists when they visit Kavaratti for spending an amazing evening by enjoying the view and coffee both at the same place. Apart from that, the café also organizes various musical shows and events for the tourist in which local musician and artist give their performances and make your visit memorable.

2. Most Popular Restaurants in Lakshadweep

As we all know that Lakshadweep’s food is rich in terms of seafood and marine products. Apart from that, it has also Chinese, Italian, continental, and north Indian cuisines to offer to its tourists and travelers. There is some popular restaurant with good taste and quality which are working night and day to satisfy the need of the customers visiting every day. Here is the list of some prominent restaurants to eat in, when you are on the tour of Lakshadweep.

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3. Akshaya Mess and Food Court

There might be multiple eating joints and restaurants providing their services in Lakshadweep. But, when it comes to the local flavors of this island, then Akshaya Mess and Food Court are undoubtedly is the best place to be. It offers a vast variety of authentic local food preparation of Lakshadweep. It also serves continental dishes as well considering specific preparation according to the local palate. The service is too prompt here and lots of customers are simultaneously being served so quickly with their orders. One must visit to this restaurant for quenching the urge of their taste buds. Restaurant especially offers continental and seafood cuisine at a very affordable price, just INR 250 for the meal of one person.

4. Heavens Treat Beach Restaurant in Kavaratti, Lakshadweep

Heavens Treat Beach Restaurant is one of the renowned restaurants in Lakshadweep. The restaurant was established in the year 2016 and it became very popular in a very small span of time. The restaurant is a synonym with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings with its some of the most appreciated cuisines. The restaurant is also located at a very prominent location at Kavaratti. It is situated near the south check post of Mahatama Gandhi Road. The restaurant welcomes guests from 4 pm evening to 11:30 pm night allowing them to have a sumptuous dinner with refreshing coconut water. You can make payment via cash here.

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5. Al Barath Restaurant in Kavaratti, Lakshadweep

This is again a very famous restaurant located in Kavaratti Island. The restaurant is known for its seafood and non-vegetarian food. Apart from seafood and non-vegetarian cuisines, the restaurant also serve different cuisines such as Chinese, continental, and Indian food as well. The taste of each cuisine here is very special and rich. You will find the rich coconut texture in most of the dishes offered by the restaurants. The local flavor of various spices and ingredients will satiate your taste buds and treat your gastronomical urges up to a greater extent. The food will make you say wow here. So, do visit this restaurant whenever you are traveling to Lakshadweep whether with your family, children, or friends.

6. Z Corner Restaurant

Z Corner is a restaurant situated in Kavaratti Lakshadweep. It is a place for the budget diners as the food served by this restaurant is quite good at very affordable prices. This is the best place to eat in Lakshadweep if you are on a budget trip. Like other restaurants in Lakshadweep, Z Corner also served various seafood options along with that it also offers a few varieties of Chinese and continental cuisines as well.

Food of Lakshadweep is greatly influenced by Kerala, as it is the closest region to this amazing archipelago. Gradually tourists have started coming and exploring this place and hence eating options are also getting better day by day. But you don’t have to worry much about the food and restaurants here as there are still many operational for the tourists and locals as well.

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