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Badrinath shopping places the must visiting shopping places in Badrinath for all budgets

Badrinath shopping places the must visiting shopping places in Badrinath for all budgets

Badrinath city is a small township flourishing in the lack of Himalayas and Alaknanda river. Since all the visiting destinations in Badrinath are timely places the tourists will find small markets having a variety of things. These markets attract the traveller by its colourfulness and also because every tourist has the desire to take back with then the memories and momentoes of this beautiful place. The best thing is that there is not only a variety of things but the price to offers a wide choice. On one side there are the shopping malls and shopping centres on the other side there are many shops and vendors drawing the tourists with many things in budget prices. Following are some of the important shopping places in Badrinath to visit.

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This is one of the few malls in Badrinath, in fact, the best place to shop and relax the moment you enter into the mall you get a pleasant surprise by the options and the huge range that is available here. Mostly men and women wear and other items can easily found here also provides a parking area and eating outlets. The staff is excellent and their politeness is recommended by all. This mall also provides many handicrafts items and souvenirs.


This is located at diit main market in Badrinath. The tourist can shop for different numbers of items here. Ideally, the shopping area is more suitable for buying food items and clothes. When you walk around the mall you also get the pleasant experience of talking with the friendly staff and getting information about the culture of the people of Badrinath. There are many local food stalls in the mall complex. The service is quick and efficient apart from it its location falls in t5he route coming back the Badrinath temple hence after a hectic day and the tourist have an opportunity to relax and shop at this place.


This is a place most amazing and joyful. There is a wide range of variety of clothes displayed here. The quality of the fabric and the beautiful designs simply attracts tourists like a magnet. The price range is affordable and reasonable for all the classes. One has the choice to take clothes from here back for their friends or wear them in the cold climate in the city. The dresses which have traditional style look lovely and grace-full. There is also a large collection of ethnic womenswear. The best part is that the shop is in the local market which has many amazing items like jewellery, trinkets and attractive metal statues of gods.


The Badrinath bazaar is the local market which is lined with shops offering different and wide variety of items. You can buy clothes, statues of gods, cosmetic jewellery, utensils, and trinkets. As you walk along with this market you also get a chance to socialise with the locals. Apart from it, there is a great opportunity for bargaining in this market last but not the least this market has many small food outlets offering Chinese snacks, chat, and hot and cold beverages. This is the most visiting shopping area in Badrinath do have a visit and feel it awesome here.


This shopping destination provides an enjoyable experience of shopping for clothes and fashionable wears. It amazes the tourists with its beautiful designs and quality clothes material. The most important feature of the shopping complex is the reasonable rates of everything. Apr from the clothes they also provide footwear, bags, wallets, and cosmetic pieces of jewellery. Like all other markets, this market too has many food joints were one can have delicious food dishes. Tourists have greatly attracted to this shopping complex firstly because of its economy suited shopping and secondly because of the availability of the latest designs and colours.

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