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Top 10 nations that work the hardest

There are countries where people working really hard because many countries long hours are not only the norm, but expect from their citizens.

South Korea, 2193 hours per annum North Korea gets the first position in the list as people here works 2193 hours per annum. People chose to work here for maximum time to meet the , although the government has taken initiative and cut the working hour, but growth and productivity requires people of South Korea to work more and harder.

Chile, 2068 hours per annum Chile with 2068 hours per annum gained second position in the list. People in Chile  work in highly regulated working conditions. In Chile every individual is able to work for  45 hours and taking a day off that is 24 hours of rest is mandatory. This country has hard-working citizens.

Russia, 1976 hours per annum Russian people have the working hard habits from the time when Russia was a communist state. Russia has many hard working professional doing well in their field and you also find one of the highest numbers of physicians and healthcare workers in the world. The People in Russia work for 1976 hours per annum.

Hungary, 1961 hours per annum The People of hungry work 1961 hours per annum and they are poorly paid country in  the world. In hungry most of the population doesn’t work, government have to bear the  burden of jobless citizen in the nation. Workers have a powerful voice in the country and the government does listen to them.

Czech Republic, 1947 hours per annum Czech Republic is known for most hard working country and the people here work for  1947 hours per annum.  There hard and long working hours is not favorable to a  positive attitude and people are rude here. But they have gained 5th position in the list  with their hard working attitude.

Poland, 1939 hours per annum Poland has given free movement of labor policy within Europe. The people of Poland  work for 1939 hours per annum. It has been seen that people are hard working here,  but they are not polished as compare to other countries.

Estonia, 1879 hours per annum The people of Estonia work 1879 hours per hour and people of Estonia like to portray themselves as hard working individuals. The people here are consistent, intelligent, innovative, and friendly. Education has a great value in Estonia and students are encouraged to work during their degree.

Turkey, 1877 hours per annum Turkish people take their oath seriously in which they say “I’m Turkish, I’m righteous, I’m hardworking”. The people of Turkey spend 1877 hours per annum, although unemployment remains a problem in the east and northwest and west nations are wealthy in here.

Mexico, 1866 hours per annum Mexican people enjoy their life and work really hard then their American counterparts. Mexico is the 14th largest economy in the world. Here at Mexico people work hard because of lower levels of education and the people here are less skills and knowledge than their American counterpart.

10. - Slovak republic

Slovak republic, 1786 hours per annum Slovak Republic works 1789 per annum and it is 10th most hard working country in the world. There is less employment opportunity and people who are employed have to work for longer hours. People here display very impressive work ethics and it is trading hub of the world.

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