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Top 10 Islands with the Best Scenic Beauty that One Must Visit in Finland

26 Nov 2022 04:03 PM
Top 10 Islands with the Best Scenic Beauty that One Must Visit in Finland


It is no secret that Finland has some of the best-known tourist places within the Nordic countries. It also has around 800 islands within a square kilometer area, most of which are inhabited and well-connected with the mainland. Some of its islands are exclusively used for recreation purposes only. Therefore, we take a look at some islands of the country that have the best scenic beauty and visiting them can be worthwhile.  

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1. Kimitoon


It is the largest coastal island of the country that has an area of about 524 square kilometers. It is situated in the Western Finland province and is sparsely populated but the scenic beauty of the place can be worth a visit by any tourist. Here, nature can be experienced in its raw form and the mornings and evenings can be lovely to watch during the autumn and spring seasons.  

2. Replot


It is one of the largest islands of Finland and is situated in the narrowest areas of the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. It was a fishing paradise earlier and there are also many facilities for it. However, tourists can enjoy fishing here in complete abandon. A large area of the Replot archipelago is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its natural settings.    

3. Lemland


It is an autonomous territory of the country that is located in the Aland municipality. It is also a thinly populated place and the medieval parish church of the island is quite beautiful due to its period architecture. It also has elegant wall paintings from the 14th-century. The island also has many historical signs from the Finnish war era and some good natural viewing places.

4. Fasta Aland


It is the largest and the most populated island of Aland which is an autonomous province of the country. A large bay, Lumparn, on the eastern side of the island can be visited for a pleasant view as it was formed by a crater that hit the place nearly 100 million years ago. Apart from that, the coastline is also very beautiful.

5. Hailuoto


It is a sparsely populated island in the Northern Ostrobothnia region that is very beautiful, especially in the winter season. There is an ice road that forms during the season and it can be worth a try for a drive. There is also a bird refuge in the area where many rare birds can be seen. 

6. Otava


This island of Finland is situated in the Archipelago Sea and has an area of about 105 square kilometers. The coastal areas of this island are quite beautiful with all the greenery and natural settings of the place. Tourists from the mainland can also be seen here enjoying during the peak seasons.

7. Oja


It is an island in the Kokkola municipality of the country and consists of an area of 90 square kilometers. The island only has a thin population of about 800 inhabitants but the natural setting of the place can be worth visiting due to its proximity to the water body. There is not much activity on the island apart from tourism due to its superb location. 

8. Eckero


It is under the Aland municipality and is an autonomous territory of the country. This area, like other islands of the archipelago, is also quite thinly populated and a ferry connection is there between Storby and Berghamn. The Eckero Church has been standing there for a long time and must be visited on a tour. The coastal areas of the island are also quite picturesque and during the summer months, these areas look quite ravishing due to the water bodies overlooking them.

9. Storlandet


It is one of the smallest islands of the archipelago but that does not stop it from displaying some of the best places of tourist interest. The island is a part of the former Nagu municipality and its coastal borders with blue waters can be anyone's delight for spending some nice time with family or friends.

10. Larsmo


This municipality island of the Ostrobothnia island has a very beautiful locale as there are about 360 islands on the archipelago and each one of them can be different from the other. The 18th-century Larsmo Church is an attraction of the area and the Grafton monument should also be visited for its finesse and rich history. 

ll these islands of Finland are quite attractive with their natural scenery as well as certain man-made structures. They should be visited on a trip to the country so that its real unkempt beauty could be seen

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