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Top 10 honeymoon spots in Poland

Top 10 honeymoon spots in Poland


Poland is one of the most beautiful destinations in the European continent. It is visited by lots of newly married couples every year that comes here to celebrate their honeymoon. It is a city located in the eastern part of Europe which cannot be missed out under any circumstances. It welcomes thousands of tourists every year to enjoy its varied attractions. It has earned the fame of being one of the best destinations for honeymoon couples. Poland has Warsaw as its capital city. 

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1. Slowinski's Sand Dunes


A honeymoon plan to National Park in Slowinski to enjoy the sand dunes gives a mesmerizing feel on the simple view of its gigantic nature that is shaped with the shift of the winds. This incredible view can only be found in the coastline of the Baltic Sea. The dunes here serve a pleasing effect to the eyes and are also termed as the dunes that move with the wind as they are carried out to an elevation of approximately 30 meters. The couples can enjoy the open-air museum in Kluki as the spouse mainly would enjoy the artifacts available in various forms.

2. Salt Mine of Wieliczka


Couples who go for their honeymoon to the Southern part of Poland can see the beautiful Salt Mine located in Krakow. The site is uniquely mined from its own site here since the 13th century. The couples can discover the underground city here which would and up to their adventure level when they see it be carved in a fantastic manner through rock salt. The couple can explore more here like the chapel which is one of the oldest and most beautiful forms of a shrine mostly popular for all its acoustic structures made of salt and put up on wooden furniture.

3. Forest in Bialowieza


If any couple loves to explore a lot in their honeymoon, the forest in Bialowieza is the perfect destination for them. The newlywed can explore the variety of natural greenery and nature itself at the same time in this area which outlines the country. The huge land remnant can be explored to the fullest.

4. Masurian Lakeland


One of the most loved honeymoon destinations across Poland is the Masurian Lake District. The district holds approximately 2000 beautiful lakes which stretch across Lithuania's border areas. The couple can camp, sail, and hike to enjoy their honeymoon to the fullest here.

5. Gdansk Old Town


The couple can visit the town of Gdansk on their honeymoon to explore the beauty of the Baltic coastlines. The splendid lanes dating back to the medieval times can be seen here along with the docklands that our heritage now.

6. Torun


Torun is a wonderful honeymoon destination in the Northern part of Poland. This is the oldest city located at the banks of the River Vistula. Couples would love to explore more at the old markets here exploring the fascinating view of the old buildings.

7. Malbork


This is another hot spot destination in Poland for a pleasant honeymoon. It is one of the oldest towns that offer the newlywed with a lot on their first outing after being married together. The splendid view of the 13th-century artifacts along with the Gothic fortresses are a must explore the place in this part.

8. Lublin


On tour through the country of Poland, staying in Lublin for a day or two in Lublin can create a completely new sensation for the honeymooners. A lot of ancient history of Poland can be tracked in this place along with its beauty and medieval architecture that can uplift the mood of the couple at every instance on their visit here.

9. Warsaw


The capital of Poland, Warsaw is one of the richest hubs for the couples on their honeymoon. It offers an exotic range of almost everything that one desires to see and enjoy in their honeymoon. A visit to Warsaw and staying in the Royal luxurious hotels can create the honeymoon a most memorable one for all couples.

10. Wawel Castle


Honeymooning in Poland and missing out the Wawel castle is not acceptable. People can stay nearby to the medieval castle and enjoy its spectacular view throughout the day. A lot of legendary houses present in the region provide a pleasant staying option for couples on their honeymoon. With floral symbols and patterns across the place, the couple can enjoy the most exciting honeymoon that can be remembered throughout their lifetime as a marvelous tour.

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