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Mauritius Visa for Indians

Mauritius Visa for Indians


A visa is a type of acknowledgment that is provided by the Consular of Mauritius or Embassy to show that an application for entering into Mauritius has been seen through a concerned immigration official. It is also a reminder to the fact that the official has found it suitable for the person to either enter the country or move within it for a definite period. 


Hence, a visa can help a traveler to travel to the country but it is in no way a guaranteed right of admission into the island nation. The last decision to admit a tourist lies with an immigration official after proper screening at an entry point in Mauritius. The official can also decide the duration of stay for a person during a visit. However, the country provides visas for free of cost to tourists of certain countries, including India.


Travelers from India can be happy to know that no formal visa is needed to visit Mauritius. Every Indian can obtain a Visa on Arrival in Mauritius. Hence, there is no need to submit a passport or any other type of physical document to the Indian Embassy before arriving in the country. A visa for Mauritius can be available at the Port on entry at a Visa on Arrival counter. Some documents must be there with a tourist willing to visit Mauritius. Appended below are of the documents that must be carried by a visitor so that a Visa on Arrival can be procured easily in the country. 

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Here is a list for you - Mauritius Visa for Indians

1. Passport


A tourist should carry a valid Indian Passport along with all old passports that may have been issued to him at any time. There are also certain requirements of a passport that are detailed as under.

1. The passport issuing date should be within 10 years period from the traveling date as passports beyond 10 years are not valid in Mauritius. 

2. Handwritten passports are strictly forbidden by the country.

3. Any type of passport that may have some "observation' on them are also not entertained.

4. A passport should have at least 2 blank pages in it.

5. From the date of travel, the passport should be valid for at least 6 months period. 

2. Photograph


Any willing traveler to Mauritius must carry two recent photographs that should not be more than three months old. It should be scanned and stapled in a correct way and should not have been used previously in any earlier visa. The dimension of the photograph should be 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm and should have a white background in it. At least 80 percent face should be covered in it so that it can stay legible for viewing. A matte or semi-matte finish of the photograph is also highly desired. 

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3. Ticket requirement


Mauritius attaches great importance to tourists traveling to the country having return confirmed tickets with them. Hence, it is imperative to have confirmed return tickets while traveling to the country. It can also be helpful for a tourist as one may not have to stretch over here and there on the island nation during a visit.  

4. Hotel bookings


For an Indian traveler traveling to Mauritius, it is mandatory to have a confirmed hotel booking in the country during the course of stay. Officials at the Visa on Arrival may want to confirm on this aspect so that everyone can stay assured of the stay. Moreover, a traveler can also be relaxed so that one may not have to move around an unknown place for making a hotel booking after reaching Mauritius.  

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5. Itinerary


Officials at the Visa on Arrival may need to confirm the plans of an Indian tourist. Therefore, it is important to have a day wise itinerary prepared in advance that can be verified by them. This way, a tourist can also stay assured of visiting all the places of interest in Mauritius. A simple plan for the entire duration can be enough to satisfy immigration officials.

6. Boarding Pass


A flight boarding pass is also highly desired to be preserved by any visiting Indian traveler to Mauritius. It can be required at times to be seen by an immigration official. Hence, it is recommended to keep the boarding pass intact at all times during the stay in the country. 

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7. Enough money


Immigration officials may need to verify if a traveler is carrying an ample amount of money for a visit. Therefore, it is important to satisfy them of the financial health that a tourist enjoys during the stay. Enough currency in the form of cash, Forex Cards or Travelers Cheque can be produced so that officials remain assured of a traveler's financial health during a visit. An amount of US$ 100 is needed per day to keep officials assured of a traveler's visit to the country.  

8. Filling a form


In case a person needs to make an application for a Visa on Arrival, a form may have to be filled at the arriving airport at an arrival counter. Such a form can be easily filled up as it only needs basic information related to the traveler. 

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9. Visiting a relative


If a person wants to visit a relative staying in Mauritius, the following documents must be procured in advance and should be produced on arrival at the Visa on Arrival counter.

1. The front page and the address page of the relative's passport copy.
2. The Visa copy, Residence Permit copy or the work permit copy of the relative.
3. An invitation letter from the relative.
4. Any type of identity document like a Citizenship Card, etc. that has been issued to him by a foreign government.

10. Transit in Mauritius


Here, it is also important to mention of those travelers who may be in transit through the country. Therefore, it is essential for transit passengers to have a valid Passport with them while crossing the country. Such a traveler can also produce a passport replacing document if Passport is not available. It can also act a valid proof for transiting through the country. 

Every detail regarding a Mauritius Visa has been shared here so that a journey to the country can be highly satisfactory for any Indian tourist. So, go ahead and enjoy the serene beaches of the island along with some beautiful tropical climate that Mauritius offers to its tourists. 

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