Underwater Waterfall Mauritius - Unknown Mystery 4.9 

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Underwater Waterfall  Mauritius - Unknown Mystery

Mauritius is the land of beaches; it is a perfect location for those who are fond of water. It is one place in the world where you can explore the beauty of nature at its best.  This beautiful place, which is a part of Indian Ocean, experiences a large number of British tourists every year.  Even the number of Indian tourists visiting Mauritius has risen in recent times because of the serene environment and the clear water that it offers. 

1. The underwater waterfall: 4.9 

There is an abundance of natural beauty in Mauritius but the main attraction of Mauritius is the underwater waterfall that attracts a lot of tourists every year. People across the globe come to see this naturally developed waterfall which in reality is nothing but an optical illusion.This spectacular place portrays a breathtaking picture which is a marvel of nature. At one corner of the island, the sight disregards the law of physics and creates a waoh moment that is enough to blow the minds of people.
This alluring natural phenomenon is the underwater waterfall which lies in the southwest corner of the island. However, this eye-catching picture is regarded as nature’s optical illusion. When one looks at the picture it actually appears like there is a steady flow of water, in fact, the sand looks like plunging over the edge of the deep ocean charm, which is actually impossible. But when you look at it, it actually appears real. This is better to see & experience in real as pictures may not turn out that good.

2. The Origin: 4.9 

Mauritius is regarded as one of the youngest islands on this planet. It is believed that this place was developed by the volcanic activity which took place under the ocean. This activity took place billions of years ago and gave us this splendid island to cherish.
Mauritius Island basically lays upon a Submarine Plateau also known as the Ocean Shelf. This is a region that has risen above the ambient marine level.
According to various studies, this shelf is the largest known shelf in the world. It is also believed that it is less than 150 meters below the sea level. However, there lies a so-called ‘drop-off’, which is the point past the shelf’s edge. This plunges into an unknown abyss to depths of more than 4,000 meters.

3. The mystery behind the Underwater Waterfall:

The mystery behind the Underwater Waterfall:

The image which is seen from above, that is the flowing waterfall like appearance, is not actually the water itself falling. It is because of the sand from the Mauritius beaches being forced off the shelf by currents present in the ocean.
Thus, this is the reason why this underwater waterfall appears as it is to the people. It is just a mystery for many people because they are not aware of the reasons associated with it. The clear images of this place can’t be captured in the pictures as it’s just an illusion. The only way to find out the truth is to visit Mauritius and this incredible underwater fall. So, plan out a trip to this beautiful island to see the nature’s phenomenon which is extraordinary in itself.

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