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Mysterious Landscapes in the World- Best to be chosen as your guided trips.

If beauty lies in the eyes of beholder then mystery lies in the mysterious landscapes in the world. They are indeed the eye-popping sceneries on earth creating a different urge in you to come here and find what all they have for you.
The White Desert - Egypt
Desert and that too White might put you in dilemma, but there is a magnificent White Desert only spotted in the north of Farafra town in Egypt. It is a hot-favorite place mostly visited by school kids, and its white-colored huge chalk rock formations are not just safe for animals but also invites you for several camping trips.
The Chocolate Hills - Egypt

It is country's third National Geological Monument, and is rather proposed to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The refreshing Chocolate Hills are believed to be the most charming sight of Bohol in Philippines. It may be because of these hills are widely spread to area of over 50 square kilometres, and represents about 1,776 encourgaing hills to spend rest of life here.

If you are on the southern border of Utah with Arizona that means you are heading towards the famed Monument Valley,the valley of rocks in USA. It is an extraordinary region of the Colorado Plateau dotted with 1,000-ft sandstone bluffs and underlines its most iconic masterpieces,the Mittens, twin buttes best to be chosen as family stopovers.
Thar Desert - India

The Great Indian Desert or commonly recognized as the Thar Desert is well thought-out to be the world's seventh largest desert. It is a bone-dry region that mostly exist in Rajasthan, India. It proposes an exciting world that motivates you to indulge in thrilling desert safari and traditionally rich cultural events.

The Sahara Desert - Kenya

It is the largest desert of the world. It is extended from the Red Sea, encompassing some portions of the Mediterranean coasts, to the outer areas of the Atlantic Ocean. However, it covers an area of more than 9,400,000 square kilometres, and thus making it almost as huge as USA or Europe.

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