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Famous Food Items Of Agra That Doubles The Experience Of Visiting The Taj Mahal

Famous Food Items Of Agra That Doubles The Experience Of Visiting The Taj Mahal


Agra is a beautiful place which is known for the Taj Mahal. It is a symbol of love which is even counted in the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a big tourist attraction and all around the year, this place experiences a lot of national and international tourist. Other than Taj Mahal the food of Agra is also mouthwatering which must try whenever you visit there. So given below are the famous dishes of this region. 

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1. Petha


A trip to Agra can never be regarded as complete till the time you don’t taste Petha. It is something which the people of Agra have it on a daily basis. Petha comes in various tastes, From Paan, Mango to Kesar etc. you can get all of them. Being a specialty of Agra, people all over the world to get its packing too so as to take back home. Petha is prepared from white pumpkin or ash gourd and mixed with nuts which give it the enriched taste. It comes in two varieties. One variety is dry and hard while the other is soft and kind of liquid jelly kind. To get the best petha you should go to Panchhi Petha store located at one at Hari Parvat crossing.

2. Paratha


This is a very famous Mughlai dish on which you must grab your hands. Parathas are made from wheat with stuffing which can be of grated potatoes, grated cauliflower to carrots etc. It is one of the best breakfast dishes. Agra is known for its Mughlai Cuisine, and hence you would be served with the best parathas here. This dish is served hot with chutneys to give you a more vibrant taste. To try the best Paratha you should visit Ram Babu Paratha Bhandar located at Civil Lines. It offers a great variety of parathas at very nominal prices.

3. Mughlai


Mughlai cuisine is the trademark of Agra and is regarded as a token or souvenir from the Mughal era. Mughlai cuisine has a variety of dishes which you can try. The best ones comprise of meat flavored with dried nuts. The best place to find Mughlai food is Pinch of Spice which serves the most amazing and delicious Mughlai in Agra. It is situated at 23/453, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Wazirpura Road. It is an expensive place but the food and ambiance are perfect.

4. Bhalla


Bhalla or known as Aloo Tikki in Delhi and most parts of India. It is a dish which is made of fried and mashed potatoes mixed with various Indian spices, chickpea curry and is offered with chutney. It takes the shape of flattened balls. Agra looks wonderful in the evening with the sun sparkling off the Taj. A plate of Bhalla makes you enjoy the view in a better manner. To taste this you should actually visit the Agra Chat House located at Sadar Bazar, Agra Cantt. You will love the taste served there.


These are the famous dishes of Agra which you cannot miss when planning a trip to the city of love.

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