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Everything You Need To Know About Sri Lanka Nightlife

26 Nov 2022 03:53 PM
Everything You Need To Know About Sri Lanka Nightlife


When you are in Sri Lanka, there is much to explore. However, nothing competes with the Sri Lanka nightlife that you can experience with the many bars, discos, and casinos in the country. They are busier than some of the biggest casinos in the world. On the other hand, in some of the smaller cities, there are some casinos where you can enjoy a drink in silence. However, there are some things that you might want to look out for. This includes the touts and the beach boys that trot around to take advantage of the people enjoying the Sri Lanka nightlife.

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1. Beach Parties


While some may look towards the island country for a quiet holiday, Sri Lanka is known for its crazy lifestyle and nightlife. The main sites where you can find this crazy nightlife is in Colombo, or in some other cities like Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna where there are a number of beach parties held almost every night. Other than that there are a number of other karaoke bars and nightclubs that the tourists can enjoy. Apart from these, there are a number of other choices as well which include the pulsating discos and the arenas where you can showcase the musical talents.

2. Night Bazars


There are hotels in Kandy where you can find the hotels and meet up with the locals where you can enjoy the Sri Lanka nightlife. The city of Colombo is the one where the most fun in the country happens. Almost every night, there is some or the other event happening in the city, whether at a small scale or a bigger one. Other things that you can take note in the city are the ious drag racing events and the night bazaars where you can shop till you drop. Colombo is a city which will not let you sleep, and the ious events will keep you indulged throughout the night.

3. Discos And Casinos


The Sri Lanka nightlife does not just include just the discos and the casinos. There are beaches at the Southern coast of the country where there are many visitors that bring the tourism to the country. You can just lay down on the sand and look up at the night sky or just sit around with a bonfire that will provide you the heat against the cold breeze that flows from the sea. At the end of the night, you will be able to get the view of the spectacular sunrise that will happen just over the horizon between the sea and the sky.

4. Night Dancing


In the city of Bentota, there is a floating discotheque called the Ceysands that has become quite popular. You can spend the night dancing and it will be the closest that you will ever come to dancing with the stars in the sky.


Apart from all this, Sri Lanka is a big country and there is much to enjoy here. The food that is served in the country is among the best that is available in the world. The nights you spend in Sri Lanka will be the most memorable ones of your life.

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