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Water Sports in Sri Lanka- Its time for Action

When blue waters of tropical island of Sri Lanka are ready to give you a feel of dauntless water sport activity then why to think much just let your spirit free and experience thousand delights in this ultimate paradise.


Often referred to as 'Pearl of Indian Ocean', Sri Lanka is bagged with countless water sport marvels. Out of which, deep sea fishing is the excellent one and the credit goes to its extensive coastline and innumerable lakes and reservoirs. Sri Lanka's deep sea fishing is a seasonal activity, with the east cost at its best from May to September and the western and southern shore easily obtainable from November to April. Choose fishes from the beaches and try troll fishing but don't forget to carry rods, bait and safety jackets to have a safe fishing exploration.


The first and foremost name when comes to mind of a common man related to water sport activities is boating. Here in Sri Lanka, you can rent glass-bottomed boats to dive down to the fish occupied reef. Totally romantic and magical along the palm-fringed coast it can be than to paddle at a relaxing isle pace. It really provides one of the country's most lovely images, so must try Banana Boating. It is really up-and-coming water sport around the world. As the name suggests, it is a boat whose shape resembles a banana that is in turn fixed to a motorboat. It can be delightfully enjoyed by a group of six people and may you find it similar to rafting and hence famous amongst young and adventurous crowd.

Rafting & Canoeing

Rafting can be fantastically done along the rivers such as Kelani River in Kitulgala, southwest of Kandy. Sri Lanka boasts of hundred of small streams and rivers that start from hills that are really superb for providing you handsome water opportunities. Further, go for canoeing that can be best taken place next to the very Kelani Ganga and Kalu Ganga or Black River.

Sri Lanka happens to be the flawless place for water sports, as a result, Scuba diving was discovered. Packed with loads of dive sites such as beautifully shaped coral that abode varied number fish species like the Moorish Idol, the Emperor Angel, Sergeant-Major, Powder Blue Surgeon, Lion, etc. are really gripping. Several other diving whereabouts contain Unawatuna on the south coast, Hikkaduwa and Tangalla on the west coast, and Nilaveli on the east coast are also very seducing. So, come here amid the important months from November to April and consider yourself lucky after getting in touch with number of PADI qualified instructors at Dive schools which make Scuba Diving an easy process for you.

World class Kayaking environment can be created through verdant settings enclosed by the phenomenal coral reefs during your Sri Lanka tour. It is an enthusiastic water sport to attract you and deliberately introduced to give you a memorable underwater experience.

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