Easy Hacks To Make Sure You Get the Cheapest Flight Tickets

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Easy Hacks To Make Sure You Get the Cheapest Flight Tickets

1. Save Yourself From Cookie Monster

Save Yourself From Cookie Monster


Often when looking for flight tickets and prices on websites, the data and searches are tracked and stored by the internet browser. So, websites have the tendency to increase prices when someone makes repeated searches about a particular flight ticket. A good trick to buy cheap flight tickets is clearing the cookies in the browser or shopping in incognito mode. That way, you can ditch the cookie monster and get the best prices for your flight buy. 

3. The Currency Quotient

The Currency Quotient


When booking for a ticket to another country, try and find websites that’ll allow you to make a payment in currencies other than your own. For countries such as Cambodia or Paraguay, if you pay in their currency as opposed to INR, you’re likely to get the tickets cheaper. This is because INR is a much stronger currency in comparison to Riel or Guarani, and the conversion rate will be in your favour. However, do make sure that your credit card does not levy an additional conversion charge or fee that ends up costing you more. 

4. Use Your Miles Wisely

Use Your Miles Wisely


Frequent flyers know that this is one of the best tricks to book cheap flight tickets! Almost all airlines award their consistent customers with miles that can be recorded on the membership or miles card. When your want to book cheap flight tickets, you can use these miles to pay, and save up some money!

Don’t have a frequent flyer card yet? Get one if you plan to travel often!

5. Do Your Research Before You Buy

Do Your Research Before You Buy


When booking flight tickets, be sure to do your research. Check out at least 4 to 6 websites before you buy the tickets, and ensure that you do check the websites that are not as popular. Sometimes the popular websites don’t offer you the discounts and prices that lesser known websites can. Also, don’t limit yourself to aggregators and travel website – definitely check the websites of the airlines as well. Sometimes the airlines have deals that you can find nowhere else.

7. Try Going With The Local Airlines

Try Going With The Local Airlines


When travelling to international destinations, try and find the local airline as opposed to one of the popular international airlines. These local airlines might offer tickets for cheaper prices, and even offer deals and discounts for bookings. And don’t worry, most country have strict regulations for air travel companies. Hence, local airlines also meet the same standards of safety and service as the international airlines do. 

9. Book From This For Incurring Cheaper Stopovers

Book From This For Incurring Cheaper Stopovers


International trips often involve connecting flights, where you land at one location and catch another plane to your destination. If you plan ahead, you can make the most of your stopovers also. Websites like AirWander enable you to explore more with free multi-day stopovers and unique cheap airfares. You can see multiple destinations at the price of one and explore the city, rather than spending your day waiting for the next flight at the airport. And if you don’t want to have a multi-day stopover, even then you can use this, because flights with stopovers are usually less costly than direct flights. 

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