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in this time of tactic schedules, a highly formated life and cities blanketed by pollution one tend to run away from all this at least for some time the mind and heart start seeking it change from the deadlines, time zones, continuous commuting and you desperately start wishing to escape for someplace that offers solace and natural beauty. when I started thinking of giving myself a break and deciding about the destination Dhanaulti was the first and the last name came to my mind. just imagining about the town which lies cradled between the Himalayan range on the banks of the falls filled me with great thrill. Dhanaulti was established as a major summer visit site in the 21st century. while searching about it I ha da definite feeling as if the city which is a gateway many mountain rain expeditions is welcoming us. te overshadowing mountain ranges, the cultural history, the feeling of being apart of nature all feelings are there in the tourist's heart but the best thing is the competent naturalness without any artificiality which made us feel belonged the moment we started in a cab from Rishikesh, Dhanaulti. firstly we moved on to Dhanaulti adventure park is a land blessed with diverse natural beauty, and thus attracts hordes of tourists to its boundaries every year. Among the several attractions that make up the natural charm of Dhanaulti, one of the most prominent ones is Dhanaulti adventure park. it is located at a distance of about 7 kilometers from the city and is one of the most popular tourist attractions here. Dhanaulti Adventure Park is a wonderful holiday resort. It has an amalgamation of nature and thrilling games. The snow-capped Himalayas, green alpine forests, sunrise, lush landscapes, and the apple orchards make it a beautiful place to enjoy. This place is a wonderful holidaying location with family and friends. Tourists can enjoy a wide range of adventure sports when visiting Dhanaulti Adventure Park. One of the popular ones is the skywalk. One has to walk on a 360 feet long wire which is suspended at a height of 120 feet from the ground. The heroic deed is that you need to walk without any support giving an impression of walking in the open air. One can also get on the zip swing or sky bridge her to boost the adrenaline. The sky bridge is made up of bamboos, ropes, and ... and the. after full day fun and rest next morning our group moved to the surkanda Devi temple in Dehradun is one of the prime attractions in the city and is visited by hundreds of people every day. Surkhanda Devi Temple is a Hindu temple, constructed at the same site where the head of Sati fell when Lord Shiv Ji began tandava for the cause of death of his wife. Earlier, the place was familiar by the name Sirkhanda, but later on, changed to Surkhanda. The temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in India and is enclosed by a dense forest. The temple is visited daily by large crowds of local people and tourists, as it is a part of the Devi Darshan triangle. The Ganga Dusshera is the main festival celebrated here in May and June. A huge number of visitors from all over the country visit the fair that is held during these months. The temple is open from sunrise to sunset. The site of the temple offers a serene view of the beauty of the Great Himalayas and Dehradun. after these trips our group decide to go to the famous potatoes farm in dhanaulti in the next morning. All the produce from the Potato Farm is exported to different parts and states outside Uttrakhand. The vast stretches of potatoes are a good place for strolling. The tourists can spend a good time walking in the green meadows of the fields. The Potato Farm is at a distance of a kilometer from the main market of Dhanaulti. You can see the Doon Valley. The Doon Valley is a beautiful place. It has rich species of flora and fauna. The lush green grasslands, snow-covered mountains, and the deep valleys present a picturesque sight. You will find the fragrance of the pine, walnut, and willows, oak and sandalwood trees in the airs of the valley. The Potato Farm is also known as the Sunrise Point. Watching the sunset is a wonderful experience. the great day has gone time to back to the hotel and rest and the last trip to the eco-park where the crowd comes to chill.   Eco Park project was executed by the government of Uttarakhand with a motive to generate employment opportunities for the local people, reduce poverty, and ensure sustainable development in the area. The forest department conducted surveys of the area and approved the settlement of the Eco Park. The landscape covers a patch of 13 hectares of beautiful deodar and oak trees. The local population is employed in different job roles such as gardeners, ticket collectors, service providers, and guides. The park is now the main tourist destination in Dhanaulti. The travelers can have a great adventure while performing games and sports like Burma bridges, flying foxes, and riding horses. The park offers the facility of memory sapling plantation. The visitors can plant a tree in me...  

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