Caspian Sea Cruise Finally Opens To Tourism After All Legal Issues

Caspian Sea Cruise Finally Opens To Tourism After All Legal Issues

  Now the disputes over the Caspian Sea is the matter of the past but you cannot point a single person who isn’t aware of this eternal issue that seemed to have no end. Even the question whether the Caspian Sea is a lake or sea has been bothering people since ages. However all of the chapters of the dispute over the Caspian sea has come to an end and the legal issues sorted and the great Caspian sea is now open for all the fun you could possibly think of. Let us get into some of the insight of the Caspian Sea matter and dive into knowing the plethora of the opportunities that lie in for the travellers.

Here is a list for you - Caspian Sea Cruise Finally Opens To Tourism After All Legal Issues

1. Disputes Over The Caspian Sea

Disputes Over The Caspian Sea


For over a period of 27 years, there has been uninterrupted controversies among 5 countries that share some part of the Caspian Sea. And thus making the use of the rich water resources quite difficult for anyone for leisure or export. The major controversy has been over the fact if the Caspian Sea is a lake or Sea. Because if it is a sea then the water area would be divided based on the coastline shared by each country giving Kazakhstan the maximum share and Iran the least. But if it proves to be lake then the area would be equally divided among the five countries. The issue has created more controversies and differences than providing any probable solution. Several meeting have been done over the years but none could find a feasible solution in favor of all the countries. As a result the Caspian Sea was denied of any touristy activity since ages. However now the sea has gained special legal permit. Although the matter of the division of the area and the conflict of the sea being sea or lake is not yet resolved but the Caspian Sea is now opened for the tourism opportunities including cruising.

2. The New Cruise Let Us Know All About It

The New Cruise Let Us Know All About It


Peter the Great, a new ship is under construction and is about to hit the rich waters of Caspian very soon. The beautifully designed ship has 155 cabin and can accommodate  more than 300 people. The areas covered by the ship will be five major ports that is Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran. We are so excited for this new project and can’t wait to see the beautiful ship hit the glorious waters of the Caspian.

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3. What Is There For Passengers

What Is There For Passengers


Not only will the passengers be able to enjoy a relaxing experience of cruise over the vast waters but also beautiful views of Baku, the largest city on the Caspian shore and some of the ancient ports like Derbent and some of the deserts. Get excited and be ready for one of the most awaited trip of the life. This is definitely going to be an experience of its kind.

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