Simple Tips To Avoid Sickness On Cruise

Simple Tips To Avoid Sickness On Cruise

Well after a long time planned a trip and that too cruise, but afraid of getting sick during the journey? Sea sickness is hardly fatal but with symptoms like nausea, headache etc. can put a halt to your cruise fun. Some people have pre conceived notion that they are going to fell ill but the fact is it’s all in the mind, by following these simple tips you can avoid sea sickness and can avoid halt in your cruise journey.

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Here is a list for you - Simple Tips To Avoid Sickness On Cruise

1. Use Tansderm Scop

Use Tansderm Scop

It’s a widely used remedy by navy professionals and cruise employees. A small patch is applied behind the ears, before the journey and stays for 3-4 days, it is a preventive and should be used as per the doctor’s prescription. There are other drugs like Dramamine, Bonine which also prevent sea sickness but causes drowsiness which can be avoided by small consumption of alcohol but all these drugs should be taken as prescribed by doctor.

2. Drug Free Remedy

Drug Free Remedy

Don’t believe in taking allelopathy medicines, then you can go for drug free remedy as well. These drug free methods are more effective than using medicines. Use acupressure footwear that constantly ensures proper flow of blood in body, add more of ginger intake in your diet, that avoids vomiting and nausea.

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3. Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Whether you take medicines or do anything to avoid sickness but personal hygiene is mandatory and foremost important, to avoid contact from bacteria, one need to be more careful. Use your own personal sanitizer, check whether the rest rooms are clean or not, use personal intimate hygiene, check before that whether the ships are clean or not, avoid unpasteurized food, stay hydrated, use packed bottles only, have proper cooked food. Your hygiene is in your hand, need to be lot more careful.

4. More Additional tips

More Additional tips

To get use to of ship life, try to be more on deck than inside, if not feeling well then be in your room and take rest. Avoid alcohol consumption during sea voyage, try to book rooms in the middle of the ship as it is the balance point so will give you a feel of horizon. Choose large ships with all adequate medical facilities, check their ratings for cleanliness.

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