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Bhimtal has so much more to offer than just sightseeing

Bhimtal has so much more to offer than just sightseeing


Bhimtal is a beautiful town situated in the Nainital district under the territory of state Uttarakhand. The town is known for its admirable Greenland, pleasing water bodies and cloud touching mountains. Bhimtal is situated at an elevation of 1370 m above sea level and is about 22 km away from Nainital. This stunning piece of land brings to light the colourful valley nourishing flowers, mountains, green garden, crystal clear water bodies. The climate at Bhimtal also adds stars to the beauty. It is pleasant during summer days with a large number of diverse flowers blooming in the valley, dancing along the wind blow together with porraceous all around. The temperature during summer varies from 15 C to 29 C while winter proves to make Bhimtal a landscape of white serenity. During winter, it is better to travel and explore the beauty in the afternoon hours and the temperature generally ranges from 4’C to 18’C.


Bhimtal holds its existence from ancient times. This town is older than Nainital. It is believed that Bhimtal is named after the legendary Bhima in Mahabharata.The old shiv temple named Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple was built at a time when Bhima visited this place during their banishment period. Thus this place holds its root strong for its spiritual existence since long time back.


With the silent valley, Crystal clear lake, greenery its strength and air blowing to express its unexpressed delicacy inborn.


The heart of Bhimtal is the Bhimtal Lake known for its fascinating natural formation. It is the largest lake known in the Kumaon region, the lake district of India. The Bhimtal Lake with the masonry dam is located at a height of 1375 meters above the sea level. This Lake is the consequence of some shifting fault occurred in the earth crust which made the beauty spot on this land. The lake has an island at its midst which is the reason for the glorified view. The greenery around the lake, herbs plants bushes, enhances its beauty. The lake is somewhat C shaped, impounded by the dam covers an area of 47.8 hectors i.e. 118 acres. The captivating view of the lake with an island at the core of the lake is spellbinding. The clear water in the lake which narrates blue beauty supports aqua life too. Fishes are so in the mainstream that traveling on the periphery of the lake would make them clearly viewed. It is a pleasure among the people to feed fishes.


Bhimtal seems to be the perfect place to create a mutual understanding with our environment and nature by exploring so closely as never believed. At the middle of the lake, the small island enhances its natural delicacy. The island has recreation facilities and it also has an aquarium having different fish species. The picturesque lake depicts the natural beauty so divine and sanctified similar to the purity of the holy places.


During the winter time, the fog and haziness in the atmosphere give the lake a splendid admirable view as if the clouds are on land to bow down and touch the divine feet of this beautiful land. The entire lake seems to appear as a part of heaven fallen from somewhere above. Boating is the most popular sport among tourists. Rowing boats to the island at the middle of the lake is indeed a great pleasure. Boats are available for rent and tourists could enjoy boating in the lake and around the island. Many migratory birds, ducks, and geese are found here. This pleasing experience in the arms of nature is actually next to divine.


In the air, where the fragrance of the beauty enrapture the environment, where the sky shelters the landscape of blue-green delicacy and the land itself shelters some most admirable and winsome locale on this enamoring land. There are many captivating places to visit in the Bhimtal apart the heart of it, the lake. All these places together made Bhimtal an ecstasy of emotional salvation. Some of the places here at Bhimtal are held by religious string and enchants the tourist to attain blissfulness. Places like Bhimeshwar Mahadev temple, Hanuman Garhi, Karkotaka Temple impacts the spiritual enthusiasm. Apart from these temples, places like Garg parvat, Nal Damyanti Tal, Hidimba part, Victoria dam, Folk Culture Museum are also in the mainstream. 

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1. Hanuman Garhi


A colossal idol of Lord Hanuman, standing straight high on an altitude of about 6401 meters, is the significance of this place. This idol is under the territory of the temple which was known as Hanuman Tila and later known as Hanuman garhi. According to Hindu religious conviction, it is believed that Lord Hanuman lived here and protected the ramkot. It is about 3.5 km from Tallital. The beauty of this place is reflected at the time of sunset and sunrise when the divine rays of light perch the land after striking each air particle and reflecting back in the atmosphere creating the sanctified environment.

2. Hidimba Parvat


Beneath the blue azure, a beautiful green-brown hill known as Hidimba parvat is located about 5 km from bhimtal. It is believed that this hillock got its name from the demon named Hidimba of Mahabharata. Now a monk named vankhandi Maharaj who is an environmentalist too has created a natural sanctuary on this mountain for wild animals which is named as Vankhandi Ashram. Thus this becomes a great interest center for children.

3. Nal Damyanti Tal


Amongst the enormous green hills and gigantic wide blue sky, a small lake to enhance the landscape. Nal Damyanti Tal is a natural lake about 2 km from Bhimtal. This lake is of immense spiritual significance for the dwellers of the region. This lake is named after some famous character from our history, king Nal and Queen Damyanti. It is believed that the king drowned in this lake.

4. Garg Parvat


The source of heavenly flow on this land is the Garg-parvat which is located near Bhimeshwara temple. The Garg-parvat which is known as Gola Nadi by the habitats of this land is a small hillock in bhimtal. In the pleasing environment around this hillock, it is pleasure for tourist to go for trekking on the hill and explore more of natural beauty.

5. Folk Culture Museum


Folk culture museum popularly known as Lok Sanskriti Sangrahalaya holds significant information about the culture and tradition of the people living in the hilly region. There is a good collection of artifacts, stones, antique religious idols, traditional rites, ritual convictions written etc. One with good interest in history would be pleased to gather more information about this region and its culture from this museum.

6. Karkotaka Temple


In the valley, echoes the convictions and eminence of serene temples, one of which is the nag temple in Karnataka. On the occasion of Rishi Panchami, thousands of pilgrim visit to worship serpent lord, Nag Karkotaka Maharaja, the deity of the temple. This hillock is also named after a mythical snake named Karkotaka in the honor of the serpent lord. This temple is of immense importance and significance amongst the dwellers.

7. Things to do in Bhimtal for adventurous tourists


Adventures have always been popular amongst tourists. Many adventurous activities are in the mainstream which holds the light of enthusiasm amongst the tourists.Activities like horse riding, mountain biking, Paragliding. There are guides and experts to maintain assurance for security.

8. Mountain Biking


Mountain biking is also a crowd-pleasing sport popular amongst youngsters. This sport offers lots of thrill and adventure. Other activities like trekking, Paragliding, cycling are also of great interest and fun.

9. Trekking


Among the high rocks in the dense woods it is a pleasure to travel through the woods on foot. Many tourists love trekking as an adventurous journey and exploring the forests and its beauty more factually.

10. Paragliding


Flying in the air like a free bird in the sky is itself an interesting and enthusiastic sport. One of the best and in vogue, thriller preferred among tourist. Few places around Bhimtal, offer this sporting opportunity. The beautiful sight of everything mountain, lake, dam, the island from above is itself so eye-catching and captivating. Bhimtal is not so far from Nainital and equally beautiful but underrated too. 

SO next time you plan for Nainital, visit Bhimtal too.

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