Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

  In the last few decades, Bangkok has prominently established itself as one of the most happening places in the East. It is abuzz with activities and that is why many people like to visit the city and explore its possibilities. The nightlife of Bangkok is also quite promising as there are a number of decent nightclubs in the city that one can easily visit. They offer different types of music genres like EDM Electronic Dance Music, hip hop, drum, and bass, etc. that can help a visitor in loosening up after a hard day's toil.  A visit to any of these nightclubs of Bangkok can be worth all the time, money and energy invested in them. Coupled with it are the friendly locals and the helpful Thai hospitality that can lift up one's spirits. Hence, here we list out some of the options that can be visited and a guest can himself find out the level of enthusiasm that can be on display at these clubs.   

Here is a list for you - Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

1. Insanity


 As the name suggests, this nightclub can be quite bizarre yet attractive! One can find big room EDM, Electro House, bass-heavy tunes and Open Format throughout a week over here. It regularly features big-ticket local and international DJs of repute and has enough space that is occupied by 1,000 people on an average on weekdays. However, this number can swell up to 1,500 during weekends! 

It is also the reason why the club is one of the largest in Bangkok. It has a majestic entrance that leads to a large hanger type room that has a sufficiently high and imposing ceiling. There is also a central stage in this club where party animals can bask themselves, and let loose to enjoy dance steps without any inhibition. The club also offers attractive podium dancers and fascinating dance shows that can just blow a guest off his feet!

2. Onyx


This nightclub of Bangkok has made its way to the DJ Mag's approved Best Clubs in the World due to its ambiance, features and capacity. It seems EDM is the flavor of this club as it has a rich collection in the genre. It is the largest nightclub of Bangkok with a mindblowing capacity of accommodating 2,000 people at a time! The bass-heads of the city can revel in the fun that is thrown open at the club with features like the confetti drops, breathtaking laser shows, and CO2 cannons. It is one of the city's party space that promises unlimited fun and ample entertainment for all its visitors.

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3. Beam

4. Sing Sing Theater

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5. Glow


It is a pocket-size dynamo, to say the least! The nightclub doesn't have much space but that's hardly a point for any concern as the music over here can be astonishing by any standard and party-goers can simply stay mesmerized. 

It is also the only left underground dance music places in the city as most of them have either wound up or have been shut down in recent times. There are two levels in this club but the more happening of the lot seems to be the downstairs venue as much action can be expected here on its compact dance floor. To provide an example of its cramped situation, at times, revelers can just be seen dancing on the DJs within their booth!

If you are planning to visit the city, do not hesitate to visit these night hangouts as they promise maximum fun and full entertainment for every visitor.

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