7 Best Places For Solo Female Travellers

7 Best Places For Solo Female Travellers

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Here is a list for you - 7 Best Places For Solo Female Travellers

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of those countries that you will keep returning to. You will love the landscape and the easy going life with a variety of adventurous activities. If you are a solo female traveler then New Zealand is the perfect destination for you. This place is safe and easy to understand and being alone, you can travel places without much worry. There are so many activities you get here that you will not get bored at all.

2. Scotland

Scotland is quite, wet, and bring chills in the body, even in the summers. It is a gorgeous place to be and being a solo female traveler, Scotland is the perfect destination. It is very safe for women and you need not to worry about going anywhere in this country. This country is small and it is easy for you to explore it any which way possible. People are welcoming and speak English, so might not find any difficulty travelling here.

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3. Canada

If you are a solo traveler and female then Canada without any doubt is the safe and unique place to visit. Canada is one of the popular tourist destinations; you can explore Banff National Park, the coastal parts like in Nova Scotia and not to forget the pretty city of Victoria. People are quite friendly here and you will not feel alone while travelling through this incredible place. To explore entire country, take a train journey because it is easy and safe.

4. Ireland

Ireland is a land of Guinness and leprechaun and it is one of the most popular countries among travelers. When you are in Ireland, you must visit Dublin; the Dingle Peninsula, then you have the Cliffs of Moher, and the Aran Islands.  If you are a female traveling alone, then Ireland is one the safest country so far. Women can travel through this country without worrying about the safety issues. You must visit this incredible country, so plan your visit soon.

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5. Slovenia

Slovenia is easy to explore because it is a small country which is surrounded by Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Italy. The country has a small population and less number of annual tourists, so might not find overcrowded cities and it will be easy for you to explore the beauty of this country.  It is one of the safest countries for women travelers. So pack your bag and explore this incredibly beautiful country today.

6. Iceland

Iceland is halfway between North America and Europe; it is one of the most loved places by travelers. This country is known for waterfalls and volcanoes and glaciers. If you check the data then you will find that there is almost no crime in Iceland and that makes it a safe place for solo female travelers. You can have easy staying as most of the people understand and speak English. Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon are some the must visit places.

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7. Thailand

Thailand is one of the famous Asian countries and many travelers visit this country for many reasons. The tourist infrastructure is quite good here and you can visit some the best places from beaches to jungles. Thailand is pretty cheap and female can travel alone. You can also enjoy some of the best massages and spa.

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