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10 Ways for Women to Ensure Safety When Boarding a Cab

1. Call family members or friends before boarding a cab

Make sure someone always knows where you're taking the cab from and to where.

2. Ask for a photo id proof from the driver before boarding

It could be his driving license, company ID or any other authentic ID proof.
And if you get a chance, click a picture of the photo ID and pass it on to a friend or family member on WhatsApp.

3. Start Using the GPS (Global Positioning System)

Always keep the GPS 'On' in your mobiles or in the cab, if any, till you reach your destination. This is the best way you can be sure of the fact that the cab is taking you to your destination and not a secluded spot.
This is especially important if you take taxis during the night time. This is when taxi drivers often change routes to get to the destination quickly or if they have some evil intentions.

4. Take a picture of the Cab; don't miss taking a picture of the Number Plate

It might sound a little embarrassing to take pictures of cabs all the time, but it's a matter of your own safety. Click pictures and send them to family and friends.

5. Opt for busy routes, even if it takes longer to get there


Cab drivers often suggest shortcuts. Never agree to take these short cuts, especially if they pass through isolated patches.

6. Start using safety apps on your mobile; keep them handy


There are numerous apps that let you connect instantly with the police and other emergency services.
Some applications are: VithU: A Gumrah Initiative, iFollow-Ladies safety SOS, I'm Shakti, SafetiPin and spotNsave Feel Secure.

7. Use speed dial list for emergency calls


See that phone numbers of family members & close friends are there in the speed dial list. In case of emergency, you can press a button and get in touch with them within few seconds.

8. Cover up any revealing clothing; avoid wearing expensive jewelry


It hardly matters to those harboring sick thoughts in their crooked heads. But since your own safety might be at stake in their company, make sure you carry a stole or jacket to cover any revealing clothes while traveling by taxi.

9. When possible avoid boarding a cab alone


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