10 best off road car adventures to explore in Australia

10 best off road car adventures to explore in Australia


Every human being in this world likes adventure. Be it deep sea diving, bungee jumping or paragliding, people now take these small risks in life to enjoy them. Similarly, there are a huge number of tourists out there who enjoy driving vehicles on the rugged off roads. For these kinds of people, the best 10 off road car adventures as listed down below are a must. Adventure requires great passion, vigor and will power and that is why it is strongly recommended for the children and the old people, not to try these. There is only one life to live for every man and woman in the globe, so why not spent some of its time adventurously?  

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Here is a list for you - 10 best off road car adventures to explore in Australia

1. The Simpson Desert


One of the best off roads of Australia, the Simpson Desert is famous for its beautiful colors during the sunset. The orange and bluish hue in the sky with the red sand is like heaven for the adventure seekers. The enormous sand dunes and the vast desert cover are truly amazing for tourists driving strong off roads vehicles.

2. The Wild West Coast of Tasmania


The West Coast of Australia is renowned for its dense wilderness and isolated forest covers. Driving in this place is a very challenging experience for even the best of drivers. The vehicles having very powerful engines are required for traveling through these dense forests of the West Coast. There are rivers which are always gushing with water that needs to be overcome with the four wheels. 

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3. Cape York Peninsula of Queensland


This place is situated right in the tip of the continent. Filled with evergreen trees which are high enough to touch the sky and a large number of forest rivers flowing through it, this place is a perfect place for the off road enthusiasts. Crossing the continuously flowing rivers during the month of May and June becomes a difficult challenge for the tourists. 

4. Victorian High Country


This place is located very close to the modernized city of Melbourne but it doesn’t mean at all that the adventure is less. Surrounded by green high trees, vistas and snow-covered lakes in the winter season this place becomes one of the best for off-road rides. This particular off-road experience will leave the off-road lovers awestruck.  One may also find amazing homelands around while driving through this place that calms the heart. 

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5. The Flinders Ranges


The Flinders have always been the favorite place for the people who like mountains as their off-road experience. The geological structures on the surface of the earth cause an exciting experience for off-road lovers. At the very beginning, the tourists would experience mild structures but afterward, they are going to love the jerking movements. It is a ride worth the price. 

6. Kimberley region

Kimberley region


Characterized by immense flora, fauna, and waterfall this region situated in the western part of Australia is an eye-catcher. It is almost the size of California with only one single road stretched long apart right through the middle. It is needless to mention that there will be enormous off roads where the tourists will enjoy to the utmost. 

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7. Fraser Island


Fraser Island is known as the Mecca for off-road adventurers. This Island is located right in the coastal region of Queensland, specifically the southern part. Fraser Island id the largest sand island in the world with an area of about 184,000 hectares. If one speaks about this island the person listening to would not believe since the fun level is usually at its peak. 

8. Uluru in the Northern Territory


Australia is a country which has a coastline of 50 km but its enormous plateaus and red sand is the main source of attraction, specifically the Uluru situated in the northern territory. A person driving along these particular red sand areas is believed to be lost in its beauty and grandeur. One of the biggest and most famous places around the globe, the Uluru still stays undiscovered for many. 

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9. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park


It feels fascinating to see wildlife around while driving off-road. This is the hub of waterfalls, wetlands, and wildlife. Amazing to drive and cherish the memories in the future. 

10. Gulf of Carpentaria


This place is known for its vast fishing grounds where the tourists can freely catch fishes with the bait. Surrounded by waterways, this is a perfect space for the off-road enthusiasts at large.  

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