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Stavanger Cathedral

Rogaland, Norway, Rogaland, Norway
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About Stavanger Cathedral

Stavanger Cathedral is Norway's oldest cathedral and the seat of the Bishop of Stavanger who leads the Diocese of Stavanger. It is positioned in the metropolis of Stavanger in Rogaland County, Norway. The church is located in the centre of the town, inside the borough of Storhaug between Breiavatnet in the south, the rectangular with Vagen inside the North West, the cathedral rectangular in the north, and Kongsgard within the southwest. The church is part of the "Stavanger domkirke" parish inside the Stavanger arch-deanery inside the Diocese of Stavanger. Bishop Reinald, who may additionally have come from Winchester, is said to have started out creation of the cathedral around 1100. It turned into finished around 1150:

the city of Stavanger counts 1125 as its year of foundation. The cathedral changed into dedicated to Saint Swithun, an early Bishop of Winchester and eventually client saint of Winchester Cathedral. The church became to start with the seat of the Diocese of Stavanger in the Roman Catholic Church until the Protestant Reformation. Stavanger became ravaged through fire in 1272, and the cathedral suffered heavy damage. It becomes rebuilt below Bishop Arne 1276–1303 at which era the Romanesque cathedral changed into enlarged in the Gothic style.

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