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Heart-warming 14 Days Delhi to Norway Trip Package 1

Heart-warming 14 Days Delhi to Norway Trip Package

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14 Days
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Day wise Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive Moscow

Departure Dates as mentioned below

May 2019 - 05, 26
June 2019 - 02, 09, 16
July 2019 - 14
August 2019 - 11
When Russia is on your travel list, there's no better place to start your "Cox and Kings - Scandinavian Delight with Russia tour" than the most vibrant both, in colour and culture European capitals, Moscow. With its multi-faceted attractions ranging from historic to futuristic, the city is forever buzzing with life and thrill. And this is where we begin our voyage too.

We arrive at the airport in Moscow and after clearing the immigration and customs procedures, head out to the exit where our Cox & Kings representative is waiting to give us a warm welcome and transfer us to our hotel check-in at 1600 hours. We settle in, rest for a while, freshen up and head out for dinner at an Indian restaurant.

A good night's is all there is on today's schedule and we happily oblige, courtesy of the tiring flight.

Overnight in Moscow.

Dinner at an Indian restaurant.

Day 2 : Moscow

Today after breakfast, begin exploring this history, culture and colour-rich town with a guided city tour wandering past iconic landmarks including the Bolshoi Theatre, the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, the Cathedral of Archangel, the Novospassky Monastery and of course, the iconic public square, The Red Square with the colourful St. Basil's Cathedral known for its onion-shaped domes on one hand and the red wall of Kremlin on the other.

Our guided city tour also takes us on a time travel journey of Russian art as we visit the Tretyakov State Gallery that houses more than 1, 80, 000 works of Russian art in the form of paintings, sculptures, graphics and other illustrations. While exemplary masterpieces from the 11th century to the early 20th century can be witnessed in the historic building of the gallery, the new building holds works of the 20th-century artists.

After this artistic adventure, take a short break from sightseeing to feast on a yummy lunch at an Indian restaurant.

Then, move from art history to mysterious stories as we head to the Stalin's Bunker, an underground world of its own that's just as enigmatic as the person who commissioned it? Commander-in-chief of the Red Army, Joseph Stalin. Masked by the gigantic 1, 20, 000-seater stadium above it, this military object is a massive space divided into lavish rooms. There's Stalin's office, there is a dining room and there's even a grand meeting hall crafted with rich marble.

Continuing our journey to the mystic underground realms of Russia, we take the Metro tour up to three stations. Known as the "people's palaces" the majestic Soviet-era stations with all their palace-like opulence, extravagant decor and sculptures and lavish use of marble, are a definite must-visit of Moscow. And because no trip seems complete without bagging a few souvenirs, we take some leisure time at the Arbat Street to shop for a few collectables.

No, the day's not over yet! We still have to catch the famous Russian Circus. Great Moscow State Circus known for its nerve-racking stunts, hilarious clown stints, inventive acrobat performances and a lot more.

After this long, long day, we have nothing else but a delicious dinner to grab before we head back to our hotel an lay in the comfort of our beds.

Overnight in Moscow.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant
Hotel : Hotel Azimut Olympic Or Similar, Moscow

Day 3 : Moscow - St. Petersburg

After breakfast today, make way to yet another Russian town, St. Petersburg but not without exploring one last gem in the beautiful Russian capital. . . the Kremlin, a fortress that's nestled in the very heart of Moscow along the banks of Moskva River. The fortress is an exemplary structure of the dramatic Russian history, having served as a residence to many political heads in the past from the Russian Grand Dukes to the Romanov Tsars to Soviet leaders and now to the President of the Russian Federation. Encapsulated within Kremlin's distinctive red-bricked walls that were hanged from the original white stoned-walls in the 15 century are four cathedrals, three palaces and two museums, apart from the President's residence. While here, also visit the Armoury Museum which was once Kremlin's Armoury Chamber.

After completing the guided Kremlin tour, proceed to an Indian restaurant for lunch and then head to the train station to take our voyage on to St. Petersburg via the famous Sapsan train, Russia's fastest rail service.

Once in St. Petersburg, we head straight to the restaurant, stuff ourselves with a sumptuous dinner and check-in to our hotel for the night.

Overnight in St. Petersburg.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 4 : St. Petersburg

After the vibrancy of Moscow, we now gear up to soak in the splendour of St. Petersburg and our first stop happens to be the most visited attraction of the town, the Peterhof Palace & Gardens.

So, we head out after breakfast to board a Hydrofoil unless the weather suggests otherwise to this world-famous Palace, Fountain and Park ensemble of Peterhof that shines forth as a glittering landmark of Russia's aesthetic culture in the 18th and 19th centuries. Its wonderful parks, 176 fountains of ious forms, majestic palaces, numerous gilded statues of ancient gods and heroes, paintings and works of art and culture make Peterhof a veritable gem of art, often called the 'Capital of Fountains. ' In fact, the lower park has a few trick fountains too that often leave visitors soaked in water.

Once out of Peterhof, head for lunch before kicking off our guided city tour of this gold-capped, colourful town. As we go, marvel over the architectural brilliance that is evident in just about every structure of the city, both ancient and modern. Our tour takes us past Isaac's Cathedral and Colonnade, the Peter and Paul Fortress, State Russian Museum and many other architectural treasures.

We also make a visit to the city's most associable monument, the Church of our Saviour on Spilled Blood which is surprisingly colourful given that it stands to mark the tragic assassination of Alexander II. This vibrantly colourful building boasting of typical Russian Revival architecture stands out in striking contrast to the Italian elegance of the pristine white Russian State Museum in the neighbourhood.

Next, on our travel list is the Ballet Show, post which, we head to a restaurant for dinner before returning to our hotel where await our cosy beds.

Overnight in St. Petersburg.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant
Hotel : Azimut Hotel Or Similar, St. Petersburg

Day 5 : St. Petersburg

Because St. Petersburg has a lot to offer and we are short on time, we quickly chow down our breakfast and embark upon yet another journey through the history of Russian art. And taking us on this time travel journey today is the Catherine Palace or the Tsarskoye Selo. Once a summer residence for the tsars, the blue and gold Russian Baroque building is now a museum giving us a glimpse of the extravagant and opulent lifestyle of these ancient royals. Popular among its many rooms are the Amber Room, the Grand Hall and the massive Catherine Park.

Given its sheer size and its aesthetic magnificence, it's hardly a surprise that we've spent all morning meandering through the many rooms of this palace-turned-museum. So we make a pit stop to grab our lunch at a restaurant before heading for the Neva River Cruise.

If there's anything that could make this historic town even more magical, it is viewing it from the blue waters of the Neva River which offers spectacular views of St. Petersburg's ious landmarks.

Bringing the day to a dramatic close, we head to the Nikolaevsky Palace to catch the evening Folklore Show. From contemporary renditions of romantic and heartbreak folk songs to foot-tapping folk dance performances to impressive acrobat stints, the evening brings along liberal doses of fun and laughter.

After munching on a sumptuous dinner at a restaurant, head back to the hotel.

Overnight in St. Petersburg.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant
Hotel : Azimut Hotel Or Similar, St. Petersburg

Day 6 : St. Petersburg - Helsinki

Before we leave the Russian lands and head to Helsinki, Finland, we have one final gem to explore in St. Petersburg. . . . the Hermitage Museum standing mightily on the banks of the Neva River. Originally, a palace of the ancient tsars, The Hermitage comprises a collection of several buildings making it one of the largest museums in the world, and also one of the most famous ones. With several rooms and other spaces to unravel and over 3 million works of art including paintings, sculptures, antiques, ancient coins, etc. , it makes it impossible to go through the entire museum at once. We, however, will explore the most important rooms in the palace-museum in the few hours that we spend there. Of course, some of that time will also be dedicated to absorbing in the architectural awesomeness of this gigantic structure itself.

Then, proceed for lunch enjoying a much-deserved wholesome meal before we board yet another high-speed train, Allegro, which will take us from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, Finland.

Once in Helsinki, head straight to an Indian restaurant to stuff ourselves with a delectable dinner and check-in to the hotel for the night.

Overnight in Helsinki.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 7 : Helsinki - Cruise embarkation

After the history-rich sights of Russia, we are about to meander through Europe's youngest capital, Helsinki. There are no antique ruins or remains, no medieval squares and not even a palace here, all you have is a vibrant metropolis with a multi-faceted architecture that boasts as much of Neoclassicism as it does of Romanticism and Modernism.

We begin our guided city tour of Helsinki immediately after breakfast discovering some of the world's most distinct architectural merits such as Finlandia Hall the leading congress, event and entertainment venue in Finland, the Helsinki Cathedral, the Market Square bustling with activities with vendors selling fresh food and souvenirs and many other landmarks. The highlights of the city tour, however, happen to be our visits to the Lutheran Temppeliaukio Church a unique Rock Church known for its thrilling work of modern architecture, built entirely underground with a ceiling made of copper wire and the Sibelius Monument dedicated to the Finnish Composer, Jean Sibelius, consisting of a series of more than 600 hollow steel pipes welded together in a wave-like pattern.

Then, halt at a popular Indian restaurant for lunch before boarding our ship at Silja Line in Helsinki that will take us on to Stockholm, Sweden. As we see Finland disappearing before us, we gear up to embrace ourselves for a night spent marvelling at the eternity of the blue water beneath us, pausing only to enjoy a lavish dinner buffet served aboard.
Overnight on board the cruise.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch at an Indian restaurant and dinner on board the cruise

Day 8 : Stockholm

After enjoying yet another meal breakfast while cruising on the Baltic Sea, we disembark the ship in Stockholm.

Without wasting any time at all, we start our guided city tour of the Swedish capital sprawled over 14 islands. Incidentally, one-third of this coastal capital consists of water while another one-third is occupied by parks and woodlands. It's safe to say then that there is certainly no dearth of scenic beauty in Stockholm. But scenic stretches aren't all there is to the town; there is also an interesting amalgamation of historic architectural treasures and that of modern structures. We get a hint of this beautiful blend of historic and modern as our tour takes us past popular landmarks like The Royal Palace, the Skansen Open-Air Museum the world's first ever open-air museum and Gamla Stan the colour-rioted old town among others.

Then, visit the Vasa Ship Museum which, as the name suggests is a maritime museum. One of the most visited attractions in town as it is, this is the only museum in the world to have an almost fully intact 17th-century ship, the warship Vasa that was salvaged three centuries after it sank.

The final destination on our itinerary today is the Stadshuset, the iconic Stockholm City Hall which is often spotted on pictures and postcards of Sweden. Apart from assembly rooms and offices the building also houses grand ceremonial halls including The Blue Hall which houses the world's largest organ with 10, 270 pipes and The Golden Hall which is adorned with no less than 18 million mosaic tiles that depict Swedish history.

Satisfied with our day's excursion, quickly grab our lunch at an Indian restaurant and check-in to our hotel. Here, we have the evening to ourselves to wade off the exhaustion that the cruise ride and the sightseeing brought along. Before we hit the bed, there's one last thing to do? step out for dinner at another Indian restaurant.

Overnight in Stockholm.

Breakfast on board the cruise, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant
Hotel : Best Western Plus Prince Phillip Or Similar, Stockholm

Day 9 : Stockholm - Oslo

Today, we gear up for a long road journey as we check-out from our hotel after breakfast and hit the road to Oslo, Norway making a couple of pit-stops on the way.

Okay, we'll admit that long drives can get a tad bit tiring, but the utterly scenic views of green fields and blue waters that this drive has to offer, makes the journey worthwhile. Plus, there are the periodic comfort stops too, to keep our muscles from being too stiff.

We halt at Karlstad, which happens to be one comfort-stop before Stockholm. Here, we enjoy a yummy lunch at an Indian restaurant and take some time to look around this beautiful riverside town on our own which is sprawled all the way down to the shore of the Vanern Lake. Incidentally, Vanern Lake marks our next halt. Make a photo stop here for beautiful picture additions to our social media folders.

Once in Oslo, head straight for the Indian restaurant that's going to be our dinner host for the night. After indulging ourselves in a delectable dinner, check-in to the hotel and lay comfy in our beds for the rest of the night.

Overnight in Oslo.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 10 : Oslo

You know a city is truly a culture-rich destination when its theatres, museums and galleries happen to be one of the most distinctive features of the town. And given that we are in one such capital, we dedicate today to exploring as much of this magnificent town as we can.

We begin our Oslo guided city tour after breakfast today that'll take us past the most popular attractions of the town. The Akershus Fortress, the Royal Palace, the Oslo Cathedral, the City Hall and the National Opera Theatre to name a few.

One of the biggest highlights of the tour happens to be our visit to the world's largest sculpture park by a single artist, Vigeland Sculpture Park, one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions. The park features more than 200 sculptures crafted out of bronze, granite and wrought iron by artist, Gustav Vigeland; the Wheel of Life and the 16-metre long Monolith depicting 121 intertwined human bodies being the most popular among these sculptures.

Then move on to get a glimpse into Norway's Viking past as we head to the Viking Ship Museum next. Apart from housing three well-preserved 9th-century vessels the Oseberg Ship, the Gokstad Ship and the Tune Ship, the museum also houses other artefacts and exhibits that are indicative of the Viking life at sea.

Last on our list of must-visit attractions in the Norweigan capital is the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Museum. Perched atop a hill, the journey to the Ski Jump Area alone is quite an interesting one and once there, the sheer height of the construction is likely to blow your mind away, irrespective of whether you are a ski enthusiast or not. Plus, there is the matter of the best possible panoramic views of the town below. There is also the Ski Museum that boasts of 4000 years of ski history.

Famished as we would be after the day's excursion, proceed to the restaurant where a piping hot Indian lunch awaits us.

Next, an enchanted atmosphere, a magical adventure awaits! We visit the Ice bar - gateway to an adventure both fantastic and far removed from everyday life - a feeling of being beamed over to the Arctic. The entire permanent exhibition is constructed of crystal clear ice - even the glasses at the bar are ice!

Overnight in Oslo.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant
Hotel : Thon Oslofjord Hotel Or Similar, Oslo

Day 11 : Oslo - Bergen

Irrespective of how impressed we are by the architectural and cultural heritage of Oslo, it is an undeniable fact that you haven't really seen Norway if you haven't spent some time submerging yourself in the splendour of its natural beauty that comprises scenic landscapes, fascinating fjords and majestic mountains. And the best way to experience this heavenly beauty is to take the 'Norway in a Nutshell' tour, which is on our agenda for today. The tour, literally, is a long journey from Oslo to Bergen via trains, ferries and buses that take us past some of Europe's most scenic stretches.

After breakfast, drive to the Geilo train station where begins the actual tour as we board the train to Myrdal that offers spectacular views of mountainous terrains. We then board our next train to Flam which gives us a glimpse of the Norwegian Fjords. From Flam, starts our water voyage with a fjord cruise on the Aurlandsfjord and the Naeroyfjord which is the narrowest fjord in Europe surrounded by huge mountains. Our cruise ends at Gudvengan, a small village cradled in the deepest reaches of Naeroyfjord. Our last leg of the tour finishes with a bus ride from Gudvengan to Bergen.

In Bergen, check-in to our hotel for the night.
Overnight in Bergen.

Breakfast at the hotel, Packed lunch from Indian restaurant and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 12 : Bergen - Copenhagen

When you have seven hills standing guard for a coastal city with an entire coastal belt of the city listed as UNESCO's World Heritage Site, one thing you can expect from the town is ample beauty all around, both, in terms of landscape and cityscape. It is safe to say then that Bergen is nothing if not absolutely and entirely awe-inspiring.

Soon after breakfast today, we begin our guided tour of the city which takes us through its upward meandering roads past popular landmarks like the Fantoft Stave Church though reconstructed in 1992, is still a classic expression of early Norwegian art, the Bergenhus Fortress one of the best-preserved medieval building in all of Norway and the Troldhaugen Villa home of Norway's most famous composer, Edd Grieg, and his wife.

The most beautiful sight, however, in all of Bergen is the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, a coastal belt of colourful timbre structures that has often found its way not just on postcards but on several desktops across the world as a screen saver. One of the most visited attractions of the town; the Hanseatic Wharf now comprises a small museum and several shops, cafes and restaurants.

And because nothing would make our Bergen tour more worthwhile than a trip up one of its much-talked-about seven mountains, next on our itinerary is a ride on the Floibanen, a funicular train that takes us up Mount Floyen. This mountaintop is where you get the most splendid panoramic views of the city below.

We then head to an Indian restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch before heading to the airport in Bergen to board our flight to Copenhagen.

On arrival, we check-in to the hotel, rest for a bit and head out for dinner before calling it a night.

Overnight in Copenhagen.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 13 : Copenhagen

We begin our day, of course, with a wholesome breakfast and then head out to explore the beautiful Denmark capital, Copenhagen, a town that's youthful and historic, at the same time. We kick off our guided city tour at the Rosenborg Castle which comprises the oldest royal garden of the country. The tour then takes us past the Renaissance Stock Exchange, Danish Parliament, the famous statue of the Little Mermaid and the Christiansborg Palace that comprises the Danish Parliament, the Danish Prime Minister's Office and the Danish Supreme Court.

Once out, proceed to an Indian restaurant for a delicious meal and make our way to the city's most visited attraction, the Tivoli Gardens, the world's second oldest amusement park. While part of its dreamy charm is the architectural romanticism the park offers, the rides and the open-air performances take the whole experience to new levels of fun. Dusk, indeed, is the best time to be at the park as thousands of lights lit up the park structures giving it a more surreal vibe.

After spending a substantial amount of time revelling in the fairytale park, move on to enjoying a sumptuous dinner before heading back to the hotel.

Overnight in Copenhagen.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant
Hotel : Hotel Quality Airport Dan Or Similar, Copenhagen

Day 14 : Homeward Bound

Too soon for our liking as it might be, the "Cox and Kings - Scandinavian Delight with Russia tour" has finally come to an end. We pack our bags, have one last breakfast on Danish lands and hit the road to the airport. With beautiful memories in our minds and beautiful souvenirs in our luggage, we board our flight back home.

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