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Setsubun 2018

Event Name : Setsubun 2018
Venue : Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo
Start Date : Saturday, 03-Feb-2018
End Date : Saturday, 03-Feb-2018

Setsubun, Japan 2018

Setsubun marks the ending period of winter sayonara and saying hello to spring. It is also referred to as Risshun and is always scheduled for February 3 or February 4 in same manner with the Lunar New Year.

It is believed that if the soybeans, the fuku mame fortune beans are thrown forcefully that is ultimately destroying the eyes of the devil. As a result, many Japanese eat equal number of beans as their age with a hope to say bye bye to devil spirits and therefore welcome the prosperity and luck.

Besides, the dropping of strips of paper bearing excerpts from the Hannyashingyo Sutra also takes place along with the customary parades and scattering. Some Japanese celebrities like sumo wrestlers also come to take pleasures in mamemaki.

It is usually performed by the male head of the household or the male born in the matching animal year on the Chinese zodiac in which roasted soybeans are thrown either out the door Demons out or else at that family member dressed in an Oni mask to bring in huge luck.

Nevertheless, the localities also visit nearby place of worship and also enjoy the festive spirit at their home by tasting the fortune sushi rolls called eho-maki. Hence bid farewell to all bad lucks forever and invite happiness into their houses.

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