10 Busiest Train Stations in the World

10 Busiest Train Stations in the World

Trains have been always an important part of the lives of people for traveling.  From the local trains or from one city to another, there are trains present for every need of people.  Given below is the list of ten busiest train stations which are present all over the world.

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Here is a list for you - 10 Busiest Train Stations in the World

1. Shinjuku Stations Japan

Shinjuku Stations Japan

Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan is one of the busiest train stations with around  3.5 million passengers passing through its doors every day. Shinjuku consists of five stations – JR-East, Odakyu Electric Railway, Keio Corporation, Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. It is also a connecting link between central Tokyo and its western suburbs. There are total ten platforms present which serve 20 tracks and 12 train links.

2. Zurich Hauptbahnhof, Switzerland

Zurich Hauptbahnhof is the busiest railway terminus in Europe with around 2,900 trains passing through the station every day. It is located between the rivers Sihl and Limmat, it is fronted by the busy tram stop, and its four-platform sub-surface station for S-Bahn trains local/regional trains primarily for the Zurich canton was turned into a throughout route in 1991.

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3. SPenn Station, USA

In North America, Penn Station is the busiest railway station in with 1,000 passengers coming and then leaving in just 90 seconds. The station is at the centre of the Northeast Corridor, an electrified passenger rail line which extends south to Washington, D.C., and north to Boston, Massachusetts. The project is also on further expansion.

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6. Yokohama Station, Kanagawa Japan

Yokohama Station, Kanagawa Japan

This station is situated in Yokohama city near the border of Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo. It is one of the best stations in Japan.  Around 760,000,000 people visit this station every year. The present condition of the station is due to the earthquake.

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7. Umeda Station, Osaka, Japan

This station is super crowded and once you enter this you will definitely get confused with the multilevel serpentine station. This station is beautiful to watch and around 820,000,000 people visit this station every year which is quite a huge number.

8. Ikebukuro Station, Tokyo, Japan

This station is situated in the heart of Tokyo and consisting that Ikebukuro station is used by a great number of people. This station has many attractions such as gourmet hotdogs, penguins on waterslides, alleged teenage girl viewing clubs, and the occasional Cornman sighting. Around 910,000,000 people travel through this station every year.

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9. Shibuya Station, Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Station is present in the centre of Tokyo and this station has quite a pleasing atmosphere. You can spot eye-catching artwork also at this place. The status of Hachiku dog is also present at this place. Approximately 1,090,000,000 people travel through this railway station.

10. Kita Senju, Tokyo Japan

Another railway station of Japan which is in the list of the busiest railway station. This station is used by a number of people for their daily travel and for intercity transfer. Around 300000 use this train route daily for movement.

Thus these are some of the busiest railway stations in the world.

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