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Pan Celtic Festival 2017

Event Name : Pan Celtic Festival 2017
Venue : Dingle Peninsula
Start Date : Tuesday, 18-Apr-2017
End Date : Sunday, 23-Apr-2017

Pan Celtic Festival 2016

The Pan Celtic Festival takes place each year in the week following Easter and this time it would be its 40th celebration, with the aim of just emphasizing on rich and cultural heritage of largely celebrated Peninsula in the south-west of Ireland.

The fest was started with a positive intention behind to cultivate strong camaraderie between the six Celtic nations of Ireland which are Scotland, Brittany, the Isle of Man, Cornwall and Wales in Killarney, Ireland, in year 1971. Even today it is expressed with the same appeal, which is why, myriad entertainment activities will be featured by the experienced artistes of Celtic nations to acquaint you with Celtic tourism as a whole, accompanied by enchanting Celtic's food, dazzling songs, sport and music.

What multiplies the bloom of the event and continues to hold your attention for long is the six-day jollity which accentuates on main hoopla's which are Pan Celtic International Song Contest, Pan Celtic Parade, abundant pageantry, dressing up, fiddle and piping competitions and special dance performances. Besides, clubs and pubs, musical and arts, social community and sporting venues can also advertise about the same and hence makes the fest more happening and loudmouthed.

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