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Giant Omelette Festival 2018

Event Name : Giant Omelette Festival 2018
Venue : Abbeville, Louisiana
Start Date : Saturday, 03-Nov-2018
End Date : Sunday, 04-Nov-2018

Giant Omelette Festival 2018

Giant Omelette Festival is a hope for thousands of people to take innumerable pleasures from many entertainment activities that primarily include the cooking of the 5,000 egg omelette, an art show, genuine Cajun food, an antique car show, and musically entertained performances. It has become an international celebration where culinary skills of local chefs are judged.

The "big day" Sunday is a great day that starts off with an Omelette Mass at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church. After lunch, a parade, popular as the Procession of the Egg begins and is joined by local and foreign dignitaries march from the church throughout the town to in front of the Omelette cooking area, and the Vermilion Parish Courthouse. During the Parade, you will notice them carrying baskets filled with the 5,000 eggs to be used in preparing omelette.

Onlookers flock around the huge 12-foot skillet and stare at the chefs who get ready to cook the omelette. Preparation is a very interesting process. Here chefs use 6-foot paddles to stir the omelette and brew it for 1 hour. And once the preparation is finished, some portions of it are distributed out to the crow for all to relish this yummy and tasty dish.

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