You Actually Get To Fillet Your Own Fish On The Houseboats In Kerala

You Actually Get To Fillet Your Own Fish On The Houseboats In Kerala

  No other state in India is as charismatic and fascinating as Kerala. It is a treat to the eyes to see the alluring natural beauty of Kerala. Every year many people from different places come to spend their vacations in Kerala and experience the beautiful natural beauty of Kerala. One of the inimitable lures of Kerala is Houseboats. You must spend a night in Kerala boathouse and explore the beautiful backwater once in your lifetime, because if you miss this then you missed the real fun in your life.   The houseboats in Kerala are fully equipped with modern amenities and provide facilities of that of a hotel room and you can hire them for either daytime travel or a night stay. These boats are made keeping the environment in mind and are made with eco-friendly materials, for example, their roofs are made with coconut leaves. The boats have one or more than one completely equipped bedrooms with private balconies and a toilet and kitchen. Every boat has two oarsmen and a cook. These boats have staffs which are well trained for providing full convenience to the tourists. Regular review and inspections are also conducted to make sure that the boats are safe for the tourist.

Here is a list for you - You Actually Get To Fillet Your Own Fish On The Houseboats In Kerala

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3. Luxury or Super Deluxe Houseboats


these boats provide more amenities than deluxe houseboats and also have a higher renting price than deluxe houseboats. They provide air conditioner facility for the whole day and also have uniformed butlers.


There are also houseboats with double deck, sun deck, without an upper deck, pickadly Royal Suite you can choose according to your preference and budget. Before hiring a houseboat always check the photographs for getting an overview of the boat and also ask your known ones to get more idea as to which one to hire.


If you are a non-vegetarian then you will get to eat fresh seafood which will be caught in front of your eyes. There are cooks on the houseboats which cook finger licking food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You can take the delight of the delicious food and especially seafood during your expedition on the houseboat in Kerala. You don’t get to fillet your own fish in the houseboats in Kerala as there are cooks available who cook it for you.


If you want to enjoy the serene environment somewhere in the middle surrounded by water from all sides then you must spend a night in the houseboats of Kerala. At night you can enjoy the beautiful view of when the moonlight falls on the water and makes it shine. A holiday spends in Kerala is well spend a holiday.

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