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Top 10 Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the World

Top 10 Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the World

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1. Trondheim

Pedaling harder to climb uphill is one of the most annoying parts of riding a bike. Though it is a good exercise, but it is really irritating when you get sweaty in your suit before reaching the office for an important meeting. But the city has bicycle  lifts to helprider glide up the hill and they don’t have to pedal. These lifts are like ski tows.

2. Copenhagen

Around 32% of the residents here are using their bikes to commute to their office on daily basis. You can also rent a public bicycle for free. It means you can get your deposit back when you get back to them with bike.

3. Curitiba

It is probably, the world’s most planned city and the bicycle infrastructure is on its height. The cycling has been the most vital mode of transport in the city for over 40 years. It has been considered as the alternative fuels by the Brazilians.

5. Bogota

<a href='https://www.hellotravel.com/colombia/bogota' class=''>Bogota</a>

Bogota is the city where only 13% of the locals have cars. Over 70 miles of streets are closed in the city for vehicles once in a week. This way, the joggers, bicycle riders and skaters roam around the cities without any fear.

7. Portland

By developing the pathways for bicycles, Portland has got unique route which connect the residents to urban landmarks. You can also own commuter bicycles. You can get these bikes with lock, helmet, maps, pump and rain gear.

8. Basel

It consists of steel lanes which are basically designed to accommodate bicycle riders and have lanes for left-hand turn. It also has strong connectivity to bike-rental programs with which both residents and tourists can ride the bike without any storage problem.

9. Beijing

Like several developing nations, China is also facing the car’s monopoly. But Beijing is the city where biking is still the best mode of transportation. The car traffic is congested here. So, you will be free to ride a bike without getting stuck.

10. Barcelona

There is a green ring in Barcelona which can be the heart of urban lifestyle. There are 100 bike stations in this bike path which are owned by bike-sharing program. You can rent a bike and drop off at any other location.

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