Why Kasol is called Mini Israel?

Why Kasol is called Mini Israel?

Kasol is a small village in Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh , near to Kullu. However, it comes on the road from Bhuntur to Manikaran. The town is having an excellent view from all sides, with perfect scenic beauty. Housed on the banks of Parvati river, the little town has become the top offbeat destination in the country. Surrounded by forests, alpine trees, Kasol is a paradise for adventure and nature lovers. Also known as Mini-Isreal, Kasol's natural beauty, flora and fauna are no less than Israel. Also, according to the sources,  a decade before Israeli people started visiting the Kasol and then some of them settled here and from then onwards the place becomes the hub of the travellers who are coming here in groups. Israeli people feel safer here because locals villagers are also trying to provide the services according to their need and thus the tourists are contributing a lot to the local villages economy. That's how Kasol becomes the hub of Israeli travellers,  and generating employment for the locals in the hospitality sector.

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Here is a list for you - Why Kasol is called Mini Israel?

1. Culture and style of Kasol will make you fall in love with this destination

Kasol's culture, hospitality, and services provided by the locals are outstanding. This is one of the most important things that relate this place with Israel. The trends and dressing style of the people in Kasol is so advances and modernize, that you won't feel you are in India. However, with the settlement of many Jews and Israeli tourists, one will definitely get the feeling of being in Mini Israel. One can taste delectable cuisines as well and a myriad of food such as Italian, German as well as Indian and Nepalese is available there.

2. Nature – A prime reason to attract huge population of tourists every year to Kasol

Nature – A prime reason to attract huge population of tourists every year to Kasol

Kasol's culture is not just that reason the city attracts huge tourism, the other factor is the mesmerizing scenic views and nature, for which the place is compared with Israel. The greenery in the location is ideal, but the top view is even more beautiful since river Parvati adds a specialty to the destination. The Himalayas around the city covers all the sides, just like Israel. So, get there and enjoy the trance of the environment. Very few towns in India are having such trance, especially where there is access of visitors.

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3. Israelis covering the area

Israelis covering the area

The final reason to call this city as Mini Israel is the trade and commerce here. One of the thing that you will get here is Apple. You will say that where is the apple in Israel? The two other things, like the white sand, by the side of Parvati river and wild charas in this location are the basic reason for the place to be called so. The final thing is the population. A bigger section of the population in the town is from Israel. The local food habit and culture is also having their touch. This is the top reason to call the place to be a mini Israel, which you can compare with heaven too.


If you love hilly places and want to explore the natural beauty of mother earth then Kasol is one of the ultimate destinations to explore. Pay a visit to this place and the hospitality of the Kasol people will surely impress you a lot. Come and explore the beauty of Kasol- Mini Israel.

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