Which foreign country I can travel if my earning is Rs.60000 per month

Which foreign country I can travel if my earning is Rs.60000 per month

Travelling to a foreign country and spending a lavish vacation is a dream most of us see every night. However, not all of us have a celebratory income or budget to live this dream to the fullest. But once you dream of something it is a must that you achieve it even if it asks for some extra efforts. People often think that they need to earn a 6 digit income to go for a foreign destination vacation . We offer such people a pleasant surprise by presenting some countries that very well fit in your budget if you earn Rs. 60000 per month :

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Here is a list for you - Which foreign country I can travel if my earning is Rs.60000 per month

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1. Vietnam

Vietnam is an “S” shaped island and a part of the Indo-Chinese peninsula. It presents you the rich Asian Culture and a plethora of history and food. The stay in this country is comparatively cheaper and you will have many things to do including yacht ride, cruising, and local market tour. The food is relishing and pocket-friendly. Savings of 2 months may get you this foreign trip.

A 7 day honeymoon trip to Vietnam will cost you ~35k per person all incl.

2. Malaysia

Turquoise water, pleasant climate and sue and sunny beaches are what is the real definition of Malaysia. It is the most celebrated tourist hub of the Southeast Asia. The hotels in Malaysia may cost you as low as 300 Rs for a night and the food is also cheaper and tastier. Save for 3 months to avail this foreign vacation. If you also have to take your spouse, make it 6 months.

A 7 day honeymoon trip to Malaysia will cost you ~45k per person all incl.

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3. Singapore

Singapore is a country that offers you the best bargain on your foreign destination vacation. The accommodation here may range from 600 Rs per night to 2000 Rs. per Night. There are many eateries   in the city that offer mouth-watering food at a reasonable price. However, a vegetarian may have to restrict his choices as the country is a hub of Non-vegetarian delicacies. You need to save for 2 months to plan your Singapore tour.

A 7 day honeymoon trip to Singapore will cost you ~35k per person all incl.

4. Sri-Lanka

<a href='https://www.hellotravel.com/sri-lanka' class=''>Sri-Lanka</a>

The neighbor country of India, Sri Lanka has amazing flora and fauna. It is a land of rich culture and landscaping and offers the best experience to the backpackers. The country offers a huge variety of food at an affordable price and also incredible opportunities to explore the nature. Start saving now and in 3 months you can go to Sri Lanka to enjoy your foreign vacation.

A 7 day honeymoon trip to Sri Lanka will cost you ~40k per person all incl.

These are a few countries that fit your budget comfortably if you earn a monthly income of Rs. 60000. So, what are you waiting for just mark the date and start preparing to have an amazing time on a foreign land?

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