Where To Shop In Russia

Where To Shop In Russia

  If you are a true shopaholic by heart, Russia is the place for you. From the assortment of some costly and chic Russian stuffs to some of the hidden gems in the local flea market there is something for everyone. Russia is colossal when it comes to shopping. You can find some imported products and souvenirs while strolling along the streets. The best thing about shopping in Russia is that Russian markets work almost seven days a week so you don’t really need to think when to shop. Literally there is no way you can return empty handed while in Russia. Here we have sorted some of the best and must visit shopping places in Russia  

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Here is a list for you - Where To Shop In Russia

1. Izmailovo Market


The best place to purchase Moscow souvenirs and Russian handicrafts. Handmade artistic things, furnitures, symbols, books and also a hub of some high end fashion brands Izmailovo is the place you cannot go wrong with. One pro tip to the traveller, if you wish to spend less you can visit between 10 to 3.

2. Okhotny Ryad


Okhotny Ryad is one of the most popular shopping centres in Russia. You can literally go around and find everything you ever wished to have. The place has got some really cool stuffs in every shopper’s need and budget. Avipark mall, located in the north of the city is one of the best shopping mall in Russia. It was opened recently but got fame in no time and is the greatest shopping mall in the Europe.

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3. Flacon Design Factory


Known for the hub for scent manufacturing, Flacon has a tons of stylish shops. Flacon is also known for a lot of designer stores, fantastic eateries, fairs happening day in and out. The place is beautiful and even if you are not much of a shopper but sucker for good pictures and picturesque locations this is the one stop for you.

4. Arbat Street


This is the best shopping street in Moscow. From the best eateries to exotic stores you can never go out of the choice while roaming across Arbat. Make sure you have a lot of time to walk around and explore the place because there is a lot to do.

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5. Tsum


A place for true fashionista. TsUM is one of the fanciest places to shop in Russia with all the high end stores of clothes, shoes and all the major designer one could name. One of the best location in Russia, TsUM is walkable from Red Square and History Museum. What else one needs? When in Russia you can simply can’t do without splurging in all you want when everything is right under your eyes.

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