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Best places to have breakfast in Russia

26 Nov 2022 04:03 PM
Best places to have breakfast in Russia


There is an old Russian Saying,‘Eat breakfast all by yourself, have lunch with your friend and invite enemy for dinner.’ When it comes to Russia and Food, the place has some of the best morning hot spots, cafes, coffee shop, and juncture for pancakes and eggs to have a perfect start to the morning. When you start your day with healthy and fulfilling breakfast all your day goes happy. And Russia always gives you tons of option to indulge in the tastiest cuisines and some great dose of caffeine to have a wonderful start to the day. Let us see few of them  

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1. Cook’kareku


Cook’Kareku serves breakfast 247 and the best part is the food is served at 30% discount if you are from the country where it is the breakfast time when you are ordering. Isn’t it a cool concept?
However one of the most crowded and loved place to have breakfast in Russia, Cook’Kareku serves some of the most delicious toast with smoked salmon and crab, poached egg served with spinach and potato puree.

2. Uilliam’s


One of the fanciest and quite and expensive place to start your morning. However every bite of the food is worth the penny. Yoghurt topped with berries and crispy sesame bagel. You can just put your hands on their elaborate menu and everything is just so yum.

3. Coffee Piu


If you want to start your day with pancakes, yummiest pastries, waffle served with rich maple and the flavors of apple pie and pudding filling the air this is the one stop for you. Priced just perfectly Coffee Piu also serves great coffee and tea.

4. Breakfast Cafe


Breakfast Cafe does breakfast all day everyday and must say they do it quite well. Raspberry pancakes, eggs, good coffee, salmon and everything you need to have a kick-ass start to your day. You can also bring on your friends and just have a chill gossip for hours.

6. ‘The 21’ Food Court


The 21 Food Court is not exactly a breakfast place but surely a place for great brunch if you are a late riser we have a place for you. Indulge in crepes, waffles, smoothies, whipped cream and nutella while at 21 Food Court.

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