Udan Scheme launched to promote cheap flights for Indians

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Udan Scheme launched to promote cheap flights for Indians


UDAN: Cheaper flights, better connectivity & much more

There is no denying the fact the in the present government rule led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we have seen some “ACHE DIN”. From GST to demonetization to new finance bill and now cheaper flights, it seems that the government is dedicated to doing some concrete work for the middle-class population of India. We do not know what else can make a traveler cherish more than the news of “Cheaper flight in India”. Yes, you heard that right. Now you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to have a tour around the country as the Government has launched the scheme called “Udan” to boost Indian tourism and it's regional flight connectivity.

On Thursday, the Government of India announced the names of the airlines that will be its partner under the UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik) scheme. These airlines will be responsible for offering cheaper flights connecting several underserved as well as the unserved region of the country.

A total of 5 airlines have won the bid under the UDAN Scheme and will now operate on 128 routes that will link 70 airports. These 70 airports include 31 unserved and 12 under-served airports. The flights that are aligned with the mission of the government are SpiceJet, Alliance Air, Air Odisha, Air Deccan, and Turbo Megha.

UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik) scheme offers cheaper flights to the common man of the country. As per the scheme, approximately 50% of the seats in these 5 airlines will be offered at a price of Rs. 2500 per seat. This scheme would be applicable for all flights where the distance is less than 500 Kilometers and the journey time is one hour.

2. UDAN & Tourism

Indeed UDAN is a tourist’s delight as it will now cover many different destinations that were most visited tourist’s places in India. Tourism in India has always missed the required attention, but, with UDAN there will be a significant change in the system. There are many prime tourists spot in India which lack behind in terms of connectivity and thus making it troublesome for the tourists to reach. Shimla, for example, has an airport of its own but lacks major connectivity from prime cities of India. Now, Shimla is a perfect vacation destination in India.

Similarly, Agra & Jaipur top the list of tourist places but sadly there is no connectivity between the two. The tourists have to come back to Delhi and take a flight to Agra or Jaipur.

Curbing the plight of the tourists, UDAN will now connect many unserved & under-served locations including Shimla, Agra, Jaisalmer, Puducherry, Porbandar, Gwalior, Pantnagar, Diu, Shillong, and Mysore.

3. List of 45 Cities which will be covered under UDAN scheme:

S.No Underserved/Unserved Airport Connected to Likely Month of Operation Airline operator
1 Bhatinda Delhi March Alliance Air
2 Shimla Delhi April Alliance Air & Air Deccan
3 Agra Jaipur June Alliance Air
Delhi August Air Deccan
4 Bikaner(NAL) Delhi June Alliance Air
5 Gwalior Delhi June Alliance Air
September Air odisha
Indore June Alliance air
Lucknow September Air odisha
6 Kadapa Bengaluru June TruJet
September Air odisha
Hyderabad June TruJet
Chennai September TruJet &Air Odisha
Vijayawada September TruJet
7 Ludhiana Delhi June AllianceAir
August Deccan Charters
8 Nanded Mumbai June TruJet
Hyderabad June TruJet
9 Pathankot Delhi June Alliance Air
10 Vidyanagar Hyderabad June TruJet
Bengaluru July TruJet
11 Andal(Duragapur) Bagdogra July Air Deccan
Kolkata July Air Deccan
12 Burnpur Kolkata July Air Deccan
13 Cooch Behar Kolkata July Air Deccan
14 Jamshedpur Kolkata July Air Deccan
15 Rourkela Kolkata July Air Deccan
Bhubaneshwar September Air odisha
16 Bhavanagar Ahmedabad August Air odisha
Surat August Air odisha
17 Diu Ahmedabad August Air odisha
18 Jamnagar Ahmedabad August Air odisha
19 Adampur Delhi August Spice Jet
20 Kandla Mumbai August Spice Jet
21 Kanpur(Chakeri) Delhi August Spice Jet
Delhi September Air odisha
Varanasi September Air odisha
22 Kullu(Bhuntur) Delhi August Air Deccan
23 Mithapur(Dwarka) Ahmedabad August Air odisha
24 Mundra Ahmedabad August Air odisha
25 Pantnagar Dehradun August Air Deccan
Delhi August Air Deccan
26 Pondicherry Hyderabad August Spice Jet
Chennai September Air odisha
Salem September Air odisha
27 Porbandar Mumbai August Spice Jet
28 Shilong(barapani) Agartala August Air Deccan
Aizawl August Air Deccan
Dimapur August Air Deccan
Imphal August Air Deccan
Silchar August Air Deccan
29 Ambikapur Bilaspur September Air odisha
30 Bilaspur Ambikapur September Air odisha
Raipur September Air odisha
31 Jagdalpur Raipur September Air odisha
Vishakapatnam September Air odisha
32 Jaisalmer Jaipur September Spice Jet
33 Jalgaon Mumbai September Air Deccan
34 Jeypore Bhubaneshwar September Air odisha
35 Jharusguda Bhubaneshwar September Air odisha
Raipur September Air odisha
Ranchi September Air odisha
36 Kolhapur Mumbai September Air Deccan
37 Mysore(Mandacally) Chennai September TruJet &Air Odisha
38 Neyveli Chennai September Air odisha
39 Ozar Nasik Mumbai September Air Deccan
Pune September Air Deccan
40 Raighar Raipur September Air odisha
41 Salem Bengaluru September Air odisha
Chennai September TruJet
Pondicherry September Air odisha
42 Sholapur Mumbai September Air Deccan
43 Utkela Bhubaneshwar September Air odisha
Raipur September Air odisha
44 Bidar Bengaluru Approval Awaited TruJet
45 Hosur Chennai Approval Awaited TruJet

4. UDAN & Economy:

The UDAN scheme is likely to boost the Indian economy as employment pool significantly. It will generate a number of vacancies in the aviation industry including ground staff, security personnel, pilots and cabin crew.

The scheme will be an aid for the common man and business class people as well. With UDAN people in both, the categories will have direct access to 2-tier cities. The routes for these flights are already set under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) that connects the country from corner to corner. The five airlines here can collaborate with other airlines to offer connecting flights.

The Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju took to tweeter on Thursday posting a tweet stating, "UDAN network will cover the whole country, giving a major economic boost to hinterland areas."

"This will have a positive effect on the economy, in terms of employment and investment," Raju added.

Indeed this will help all travel enthusiasts to have better access to the hinterlands of the nation and will open the doors of tourism to the secret lands of India.

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