Travel experts say Jamaica could be king of marijuana tourism

Travel experts say Jamaica could be king of marijuana tourism

  As the cannabis culture is taking over the world how can Jamaica be left behind in taking the unspoken advantage over other destinations? As per the news gathered by the travel experts they say that Jamaica is on the on the verge of growing the cannabis culture that would make it even better attraction among the tourists and far more acceptable among the Americans.  

Here is a list for you - Travel experts say Jamaica could be king of marijuana tourism

1. What is unique about Jamaica’s pot culture?


Jamaica is known for a very certain kind of unique pots that creates a niche market for only specific varieties of weed. This helps create a niche of Jamaica in the cannabis that are rarely available or only limited to Jamaica. Infact Jamaica offers a 98% variation in its marijuana strain which would equate to the billion dollar industry when the use of local medical cannabis takes off. Even though the global legalization of marijuana is not seen anytime soon however the game is all set to take off in Jamaica. 

2. What do people have to say?


According to the Jamaica tourist board, legalization of marijuana would surely take place seeing the example of Colorado which is making a lot of money with its medicinal cannabis. Money speaks louder than anything and seeing the results from the country which has already made marijuana legal the tourist board feels that it is the high time now.

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3. Benefits of this movement

Benefits of this movement


While the legalization of medicinal marijuana is already there in Jamaica, this time is all about using marijuana for recreational purposes. When this happens it will boom the travellers business exceptionally high with a lot of tour operators competing for the license and associating the cannabis with religious and historic ties. People and the tourism board also believes that it would be great way to connect with the people globally and get to know their culture, history and the religious bond. It would create a global community of peers. While the use of cannabis for the medical purpose requires the doctor’s prescription tourists can use it  by getting a valid marijuana recommendation from their home state or country to buy cannabis for legal purposes.

4. Things to take care of


According to the Jamaica’s Dangerous Drug Act, having two ounces or less of marijuana is no longer considered a crime for which the person can be arrested or can be put to any of the criminal record. They also believe that when this bill passes there would be several local shops coming in place for buying and selling weeds. So we should begin small and be aware.

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