Japan's Fate Hit Hard on Tourism Industry

Japan's Fate Hit Hard on Tourism Industry

The recent earthquake in Japan had turned out to be a bigger turmoil. With the persisting danger of nuclear radiations, travelers across the world back out from their travel plans.

Here is a list for you - Japan's Fate Hit Hard on Tourism Industry

1. North-eastern coast of Japan

North-eastern coast of Japan

On 11th March 2011, the fate was hard on Japan and the disaster was enclosed in the destiny box with countless innocent lives at risk. North-eastern coast of Japan was hit hard by the inevitable occurrence of earthquake followed by tsunami. This unexpected violent attack of nature created mourning images all around in Japan, which reflected the departure of splendid glory and happiness from the land. The Land of Rising Sun has been shot by an exceedingly adverse behaviour of nature, which has not only affected the lives of people but has also let down the overall economy. The outrageous effect of earthquake which was recorder 9.0 on Richter scale has taken away the lives of more than 8600 people as noticed on 21st March, 2011. The existing data is believed to reach 20,000 with more than 13,000 people found missing. The explosion of such major calamity has posed a negative impact on the entire economy including the tourism industry. Country earned higher amount of revenue from 8.6 visitors last year among which 727,000 were mainly from America. This magnificent figure of tourists travelling to Japan has gone down by high percentage this year. Japan welcoming 1.5 million tourists from America every year will now see a shortage of U.S. visitors. U.S. government has warned its citizens from planning any trip to Japan, which has led to the cancellation of more than enough leisure or business trips. Other major reason that has scared travellers to visit Japan is the harmful explosion of radiation spread in the entire country. Infect, travel agencies themselves are not willing to send any tourist to Japan. Seeing the prevailing scenario in Japan, Friendly Planet Travel, one of big names of travel agencies in Pennsylvania has withdrawn their tour plan of April 19 and are in process of cancel other trips as well. Friendly Planet Travel use to send an estimated 500 tourists to Japan each year on a 10 day trip. The survey also witnessed that people were more likely to postpone their trip or change their destination rather than cancelling a tour. Mostly the tourists were found undergoing a phobia of losing their passport or suffering from health related issues. Owing to all such reasons, Japan National Tourism Organization is surely going to have a hard time in rebuilding its infrastructure and drive back the interest of tourists to their destination. So, on account of effective and fast approach by tourism industry of Japan it will not be a difficult matter to encourage revenue through travel by impressing tourists all around the world.

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