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If travelling hand-n-hand with your partner is your thing, you surely need to check out TOP COUPLE TRAVEL BLOGS 2018. From adventure trips to romantic dates and visit to historical places to finding an unknown island, these expert couple travel blogs offer you a vivid range of couple experiences to read, share, try and enjoy. So unleash your travel soul and plan out your next couple travel with your partner in crime. If you need some inspiration, these blogs are fully loaded.


  1. .Gone Fishing Cottages: Spend your dream vacation closest to nature at the Gone Fishing Cottages. Perched on the banks of Kalwari Stream, the cottages are set amid the best of nature’s landscapes. Live your fisherman dreams by fishing the trout in the valley and let the nature take tool over your rich urban lives.
  2. .wanderershub: Feed your wanderlust with travel knowledge and experience. Prerna and Harsh are dedicated to bring the best of the travel experiences to share with you. They travel to unknown places, taste the local food and let you peep in the local life to make your travel diaries richer and valuable.
  3. bkpk : Ever dreamt of backpacking and exploring the known as well as the secretive? Well, Ashray & Zara are doing the same. An adventure enthusiast couple that met in Dubai and decided to live a life of backpackers pen down their experiences as they explore the roads exploring, eating, earning and making memories. 
  4. Siddhartha and Shruti: Siddhartha and Shruti are a blogger couple who love to wander around the globe. They are either traveling or sharing their stories on their blog. Though, they do a job for living, but their true passion lies in traveling and exploring things. You can get a rich dose of food, travel stories and adventure on their blog.
  5. Enjoy the Journey: Enjoy the Journey is a blog founded by Beth and Gaz from Yorkshire, England. The couple shares their travel experiences as they explored the known and unknown places of the USA, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and the Philippines!
  6. .Cheeseweb :Cheeseweb is the brainchild of Alison Cornford-Matheson and Andrew Matheson, a couple who loves to travel and experiment with food from across the world. The blog is a rich amalgam of travel diaries and guides for travel enthusiasts.
  7. 7.Cloud9miles :Himanshu & Shree are a couple that loves to travel. They have made rich travel experiences and Cloud 9 Miles is their travel diary, open for all to read and get inspired.  Himanshu is a finance professional while Shree is a fashion blogger and yoga practitioner.
  8. Theplanetd :Dave & Deb make some amazing travel stories for you to enjoy a trip to the world.  The blog offers you the story of their travel since 2008. The couple is happily married for 20 years and traveling across the world.
  9. Erikawithak :When you are in love with traveling, living and food, Erikawithak is a blog to follow. Managed by a couple, the blog has stories of their travel and experiences.  They collect personal stories fo travelers and share it on their blog.
  10. Honeymoonalways :Michelle & Dan are a powerful travel couple who travels across the globe and share their stories, they met during a trip to NYC and got married afterward. As the name suggests, Honeymoon Always, the couple enjoys luxury life while traveling.
  11. Hopping Miles :Hopping Miles is a blog set up by Ashwini and Neetan. Hailing from Bangalore, the couple finds their passion in traveling unknown routes and visiting place that are secretly preserved and unexplored. Gracious they are to share their rendezvous with the nature with the reader’s through their blog.

  12. fourfootprints :Ruth and Andy are two qualified and experienced ESL teacher who have left their jobs in South Korea and now are on an expedition to visit the world. They aim to share all their experiences with the rest of the world to make sure people know what they did and try it out themselves.

  13. Gypsycouple :Just like the name, Rishabh & Nirali are a couple who is in love with travel and themselves. They love to explore the awesomeness of the nature and share their experiences over their blog. They visit and explore a place to find the story behind it and still have a long list of destinations to cover.

  14. Thewingedsandals :Diana       Russler and Bill Gent have worked throughout their life and now look forward to live their passion- traveling the world. They also are passionate photographers and share their travel stories as well as the experience through their blog. With aim to share experiences, impressions thoughts and ideas they write marvelous travel stories of their own.

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